Perennial Plant Sale

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Preparing for 2016 Annual SEWMG Perennial Plant Sale
Requesting Plants and Pictures

The hostas are looking good, the daylilies are beginning to bloom, as well as the monarda, astilbe, Shasta Daisies, lilies, heliopsis, veronica, echinacea, coreopsis, etc. What do you plan to donate to the 2016 SEWMG Plant Sale? How about  garden phlox, asters, garden mums, tall sedum (other than Autumn Joy) which will bloom later this summer?  If you do not know the name of the daylily, lily, or other plants, take pictures. Also record the height of the plant and when it blooms.  Take a close up picture of the blooms. Customers want to see the detail of the individual plant, not the entire flower bed.
Take a good picture of the hostas to show the leaves. Variegated hostas sell very well. Measure the length and width of the leaves. The size of the leaf determines the category of the hosta (mini, small, medium, large, or giant). What color are the blooms? When does the plant bloom? One of the comments that Master Gardeners made about improving the sale was to have pictures of each plant.
Please do not guess the name of the plant.  There are so many daylilies or hostas that are similar.  We want to be as accurate as possible.  It is better to have a good picture and an accurate description than to give the plant the wrong name.  I will keep the photos in a file so that you do not have to submit the same photo in a future sale.

Remember, If you are donating an iris or daylily and you only know the color, not the name of the cultivar, you must provide a photo.
 I hope your gardens are doing well.  Enjoy the summer and all of the upcoming Garden Walks and Tours.  Maybe you will get some ideas for some new plants.
One last thought, if you are buying new plants, don’t throw away the plant tags.
You may want to donate part of that plant someday and you will need the information from the tag.

Bonnie Paplham
Plant Sale Committee
More information will be available at a later date about who to contact and which plants will be accepted.
Enjoy your gardens.

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Plant Sale Flier 2016
Plant Listing ‘Encouraged’ 2016

Managed Plant Listing for 2016


Would You Like to Have a Potathon?  Do you have lots of plants in your yard?
Consider donating for next Year.

We’re always looking for new gardens for our “potathons”.  A crew of experienced master gardeners, guided by a member of the plant sale committee, would come to your garden and help you dig and divide your selected plants.  If you wonder if you have enough plants to merit a potathon, call or email Patty Witt, or if you have other questions, don’t hesitate to call or email any member of the Plant Sale Committee listed below.  We’d love to make a field trip to your garden.
Patty Witt,, 262-797-0719
Bill Shaffer,, 414-257-0299
Ed Kraus,, 414-529-1213
Diane Thieme, 414-962-9892
Bonnie Paplham  414-425-1503
Pat Adrian  262-560-9520
Sue Ratkowski  414-427-9105

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