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  • Corn Snaplage Harvest and Feeding

    Corn Snaplage Harvest and Feeding by Matt Akins1,3, Randy Shaver1,3, and Joe Lauer2,3 1Department of Dairy Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison 2Department…

    From: Team Forage
  • Keep Scouring Calves Hydrated

    Producers understand neonatal calf diarrhea is a problem on their farms. National Animal Health Monitoring System data from 2007 reported an average calf mortal…

    From: Dairy Extension Resources
  • Bull Buyer's Guide

    Are you sifting through stacks of bull sale catalogs looking for your next bull? While bull selection can be a daunting task, your choice will impact your herd…

    From: WI Beef Information Center
  • Home

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    From: Dane County Agriculture
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