Youth Executive Committee

The Youth Executive Committee (YEC) is comprised of the members of the Youth Governance Program, as well as other interested youth that are unable to participate in YGP. There is no age limit and the committee is open to all youth in Dane County. There is no application for the Youth Executive Committee  and youth are encouraged to come to as many meetings as they may find helpful or interesting.

The Youth Executive Committee is facilitated by the YGP facilitator and other Dane County Youth Commission and UW Extension Department staff. Other adult members may also assist in facilitation of the committee. The committee meets quarterly and serves as a place to support youth interested in governance through reflection, community, and education. The YEC members will determine and refine the committee’s functions and goals based on their needs and desires. The committee will also help develop the Youth Governance Program to be the most effective and engaging program it can be.

The Youth Executive Committee is a fantastic opportunity for youth who are interested in government or those searching for greater diversity in experiences and information. The YEC is also valuable for learning and practicing leadership skills as well as cooperative work.

The 2012 cohort of the Youth Governance Program constructed a vision for the Youth Executive Committee and created a flow chart for the structure of YEC meetings.