Application Process

Selection for the Youth Governance Program begins via a nomination process. Nomination forms are sent and made available to every public and private high school and youth serving programs in Dane County. Nominations can be made by a principal, teacher, guidance counselor, school faculty member, or a parent or other adult participant in the home-schooling experience. To be eligible for YGP, the youth must be in grade 9-12 and a Dane County resident.

Youth who are nominated receive an application from Dane County, either electronically or by mail. The application consists of basic contact information, school information and GPA (if applicable), and short-answer questions regarding their objectives for participating in the Youth Governance Program. The application also includes a written recommendation from an adult involved with the youth (parent, teacher, guidance counselor, etc.).

Dane County UW-Extension staff conducts an initial screening of the applications. The Dane County Extension Committee then schedules and conducts brief interviews of the screened applicants, and makes final recommendations. Finalists are then forwarded to the County Board Chair for official appointment. Youth members will be notified of their appointment in April, and begin orientation and training for the program in May.

Youth representatives are officially inducted into the program in June with a formal Pinning Ceremony at a meeting of the Dane County Board of Supervisors. After the Pinning Ceremony, the youth members begin their appointment and start serving on their assigned committees.

2017 Nomination Form