2018 Video Series

Welcome to the 2018 WIFDN Video Series! We’re excited to share a series of informative talks with you that were recorded over the course of the spring and summer.

While we weren’t able to offer a live webinar series this year, we do want to make sure your questions get answered. Feel free to email WIFDNcoordinator@gmail.com to ask questions or to suggest topics for future videos!

Using Native Plants in Your Garden- Susan Carpenter

Ecological and Economic Impacts of Spiny Water Flea- Jake Walsh


Habitat Suitability Models and Species Priority Lists- Niels Jorgensen

Common Barberry Eradication in Wisconsin- Adrian Barta

Brown Marmorated Stinkbug in Wisconsin- PJ Liesch

Perennial Knotweed Identification- Mark Renz

Management of Perennial Knotweeds- Mark Renz

Impacts of Jumping Worms- Katie Laushman