2018 Video Series

Welcome to the 2018 WIFDN Video Series! We’re excited to share a series of informative talks with you over the course of the spring and summer. We’ll be posting videos on this page according to the schedule below. More speakers to come, so check back for updates!

Using Native Plants in Your Garden- Susan Carpenter

Ecological and Economic Impacts of Spiny Water Flea- Jake Walsh


Habitat Suitability Models and Species Priority Lists- Niels Jorgensen

Common Barberry Eradication in Wisconsin- Adrian Barta

Brown Marmorated Stinkbug in Wisconsin- PJ Liesch

Perennial Knotweed Identification- Mark Renz

Management of Perennial Knotweeds- Mark Renz


Check back for Upcoming Videos!

7/6: Studying Impacts of Jumping Worms in Forests- Katie Laushman


While we weren’t able to offer a live webinar series this year, we do want to make sure your questions get answered. Feel free to email WIFDNcoordinator@gmail.com or ask questions in the comments below the videos on YouTube.