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Webpage last updated: May 16, 2018. Information will be provided as it becomes available. Prior year information remains posted for reference only.


18 Coord Guide (14 pages, 739 KB)

18 Press Release (1 page, 25 KB)

18 Payment Worksheet-Invoice (2 pages, 229 KB)

18YC Orientation Powerpoint (33 pages, 7,380 KB)


This 4-H Staff Coordinator Guide includes:

  • important date and deadline information
  • information necessary to orient and register Conference participants
  • press release
  • Payment Worksheet form

This Coordinator Guide serves as a companion piece to the “Wisconsin 4-H & Youth Conference Registration Timetable”, “Adult Advisor Reference Guide”, and “State Group Registration Guide”. 


  • A staff orientation webinar was held on February 15th. You can find the recording here.
  • Health Update forms will be required. Youth will meet the University Health Services (UHS) staff at check in to provide a completed Health Update form and to turn in all prescription and over-the-counter medications to be distributed as needed. The UHS Office has moved to Rm. 1201 Ogg Hall, next door to Sellery Hall.
  • UHS health forms are now completed through www.campdoc.com. Delegates will have to check their email (including spam, junk, etc.) for a CampDoc.com invitation to create an account and complete required forms after camp registration processing. Email youthcamps@uhs.wisc.edu with questions about CampDoc and available health services at camp.
  • A payment worksheet is included in this handbook; around May 5 seminar assignments will be sent to counties.
  • UW-Madison requires all accompanying adults -County Advisors and Instructors- to complete national background checks every two years. Updated procedures are presently being considered and reviewed.  Additional information specific to background checks for volunteer adults will be provided in very early May after on-line registration is completed by all participants.
  • Formal group photos will no longer be taken by a photographer; instead delegations may check out a conference sign at Conference Headquarters and take their own group photos wherever they wish. The Lead Advisor will be responsible for sharing the photo with all county participants and with your office.
  • All youth and adults are asked to join in an all-conference community service by bringing one gently used or new children’s or youth book to contribute to a book collection for Wisconsin children.
  • A County Adult Advisor Position Description and sample application will be posted on the conference website for your convenience.
  • During 4-H Online registration, parents will be asked to sign and send a University Health Services (UHS) Medical Release form to the State 4-H Office.
  • After June 10, parents should complete the Health Update Form from the Registration guide for their teen to give to the UHS staff at check in. ALL medications must be turned in to the health staff at that time and will be distributed as needed. 


  • Monday: Adult Advisors receive face-to-face orientation while youth participate in their choice of organized tour options. An evening assembly will bring inspiration to participants.
  • Tuesday morning: Youth will engage in a community service project (several from which to choose).
  • Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday: Delegates participate in exciting seminars or off-site learning experiences. A youth talent show and dance will cap Wednesday evening.
  • Thursday: The final assembly will feature State Wisconsin Leadership Council and WI 4-H Communications Team multimedia presentations, and a special closing cap note speaker.Delegates are required to attend all Conference activities. Attendance is taken at each seminar. After Conference, each County 4-H Educator will receive notice of any activities missed by member(s) of their county delegation.

Delegates are required to attend all Conference activities. Attendance is taken at each seminar. After Conference, each County 4-H Educator will receive notice of any activities missed by member(s) of their county delegation.


  1. Parking permit for UW parking lots: cars and vans may possibly park in Lot 46, Lot  83, or other lots close to the conference area. Cost is approximately $48 per vehicle ($12/day). Parking lot assignment will be indicated on the parking permit.
  2. Non-permit, short-term parking for cars and vans (no buses) is available at about $1.75 per hour in nearby parking ramps. Many are nearly filled after mid-morning so allow extra time to locate available public parking.
  3. Buses: due to construction and loss of parking spaces on campus, we can no longer provide parking for busses. If your county/region plans to park busses while at conference, you must locate the spaces and arrange your own payment with the vendor. We still can and will provide drop-off/pick-up locations for busses for short periods of time. 


Send your permit request form directly to the UW Parking Office. It must be received by June 1. Permit request forms are available here. If parking permits are not requested prior to arrival in Madison, drivers must go to one of the campus parking offices (on the west side of campus or central campus) to purchase them. Parking permits are not available at conference headquarters.


Wisconsin 4-H & Youth Conference provides minimal insurance for regular youth delegates and earlier arriving State Group youth members for the dates they are on site. Coverage is primary to State liability insurance and the camper’s personal insurance for covered medical expenses up to $10,000 per student, but is intended to target injuries incurred related to camp activities. For more information, visit http://www.bussvc.wisc.edu/risk_mgt/camps_clinics.html.


Occasionally delegates must leave the conference site for a short period of time or go home a few hours early. An Excused Absence/Early Departure Form (included in the Participant Guide) must be brought to the Conference and submitted at on-site Registration.


If any youth or adult in your delegation has special needs (transportation, translation, etc.), please call WI 4-H Educational Programs at (608) 262-1557 to inquire about possible arrangements. Possible accommodations could include a private room, rides to/from activities and seminars, Braille or sign language translation, etc. Personal attendants can be accommodated on site but must be assigned by the delegate’s family or county program.


A wide variety of foods is served cafeteria style on site at conference. Delegates may select from several salads, raw and cooked vegetables, fruits, vegetarian or meat entrees, desserts and a variety of beverages. However, the cafeteria is not equipped to provide special foods in very restrictive diets for those with severe food allergies. Refrigerators are available in each dorm room to keep special foods cold that are brought from home; the kitchen staff can heat those items upon request. University Health Services (UHS)will share food allergies listed on your health form with the Gordon Dining Center dietician who may contact you. If you have concerns or questions, please contact the Registered Dietician for UW-Housing Denise.Bolduc@housing.wisc.edu .


An Adult Advisor’s Introduction for Delegates form is included in the Adult Advisor Reference Guide to aid in connecting adults with their delegates. Please assist your Adult Advisors by forwarding this completed form to appropriate counties for distribution to assigned delegates. We will send adult advisors a list of their delegates ahead of time in order to introduce themselves. Adult Advisors and delegates will meet at their 2:15 Meet and Greet on Monday, if not before then.


The orientation your county delegation receives sets the tone for delegate participation at Wisconsin 4-H & Youth Conference. Please consider the conference objectives listed in this guide. Youth need to know what to expect and what is expected of them. A formal orientation including the Adult Advisor(s) and possibly a youth from last year’s delegation is very important. We suggest that you build your orientation around the Wisconsin 4-H and Youth Conference orientation PowerPoint, which will be posted on the Wisconsin 4-H website. Be sure to review it before your meeting. The PowerPoint covers the topics in the following suggested orientation agenda.

Suggested Orientation Agenda

  1. Get acquainted with other members of the county delegation, including the Adult Advisor(s).
  2. Provide directions for 4-H OnLine registration if participants have not already registered.
  3. Reinforce the purpose/objectives of Conference. Stress the concept of “bringing home” what is learned at Conference.
  4. Stress the importance of representing UW-Extension well and respecting others (refer to note to parents and youth in the Registration Timetable and a note to Adult Advisors in the Adult Advisor Tool Kit, respectively).
  5. Review the General Information section in the Registration Timetable, stressing Residence Hall Rules and health care procedures.
  6. Stress the importance of appropriate casual dress. Comfortable walking shoes are a must!
  7. Discuss safety precautions (traffic, lake and people). Make county expectations clear among both Adult Advisors and delegates regarding visiting State Street or other concerns.
  8. Discuss county financial arrangements.
  9. Discuss personal financial needs at Conference.
  10. Share county expectations for reporting back and service learning to the county, local clubs, etc.
  11. Encourage youth to apply for the talent show (application in Participant Guide.)
  12. Explain medication procedures; all youth must turn in all medications (prescription and over-the-counter) to University Health Services (UHS) medical staff who will distribute, as needed. Asthma inhalers, Epi-pens, and insulin may be retained.
  13. Encourage them to coordinate a county delegation group photo (identify who will take leadership and bring a camera or smart phone for the photo and share with all county delegates, Advisors, and County 4-H Educators.)

Explain medication procedures; all youth must turn in all medications (prescription and over-the-counter) to medical staff who will distribute. Asthma inhalers, Epi-pens, and insulin may be retained.


Four 4-H/Youth Development Educators are invited to attend, one per region, providing an opportunity for county staff to become familiar with Conference. Participating Educators are expected to fully participate in the entire conference and report back to their district about their observations and experiences to help others prepare youth for the event. UW-Extension will cover the $250 registration fee for the 4-H Educators directly. Mileage and other costs can be reimbursed by submitting a state travel expense form. (Call 608-262-1557 for information.)

Adult Advisor fees are covered by a WI 4-H Foundation grant in 2018. Adults will be expected to serve as advisors for the entire conference delegation.


County delegation payments are due to the WI 4-H Youth Development Office by June 1. Please use the worksheet at the back of this guide to determine fees. At Conference, your county Adult Advisor(s) will be asked to review and confirm your actual county participation list. Counties sharing Adult Advisors should expect to share the costs among themselves. Please arrange for reimbursement with cooperating counties. Some seminars require additional fees to cover higher expenses involved in those seminars. These fees are listed on the worksheet. These fees are waived for Adult Advisors.


Submit one check to cover all fees, payable to UW-Extension and send to WI 4-H Educational Programs, 436 Lowell Hall, 610 Langdon St, Madison WI 53703-1195 by June 1.




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