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Webpage last updated: February 1, 2018. Information will be provided as it becomes available. Prior year information remains posted for reference only.

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The seminars are numbered according to time slot or target audience as follows:

100’s    Tuesday service project sessions (included in both Tuesday morning and afternoon sessions)

200’s    Tuesday morning seminars

300’s    Tuesday afternoon seminars

400’s    Wednesday morning seminars

500’s    Wednesday afternoon seminars

900’s    Adult Leader seminars



Step 1: Service projects and seminars will be assigned on a first come, first served basis so be sure to make your selections well before the opening day of registration so you’re ready to register as soon as possible for best choices. This is a great opportunity to explore something new so be open minded and flexible about your selections! Please note: you must sign up for at least one service project! This year, service projects are being offered on Tuesday morning and afternoon. You will be reassigned to one if you do not choose one on your initial registration for that day!
Although most seminars are open to conference youth who are in grades 7-10, there are three age categories based on seminar design, materials presented and suggestion of instructor. Please plan your sessions accordingly.
After reading the seminar descriptions, please select several possible service project or seminar choices for each of the four sessions to jot into the registration worksheet in this guide. At least one of your selections for each session must be non-water sports, in case those sessions fill early. Sorry, but each delegate may be assigned to only one water sport over the course of the conference and will be reassigned as needed if registered for more than one.

Step 2: Next step is to register for seminars in your wi4honline account during the registration window.
If you are choosing a water sport or Lakeshore or Second Harvest Service Project Activity, you will be asked to review, complete, sign and have a parent sign the appropriate Waiver form(s) and/or Photo Release form(s) referenced during online registration. The forms can be found at the top of this page and should be returned to Wisconsin 4-H Educational Programs, 610 Langdon Street Rm 436, Madison, WI 53703-1195.

Step 3: Complete and submit a University Health Services (UHS) Health form through www.campdoc.com. This must be submitted before May 22nd. You will receive a link to register for CampDoc through your email after registration closes. Please remember to check your email regularly including your junk mail for the invite.

Step 4: Adults: UW-Madison requires all accompanying adults -County Advisors and Instructors- to complete national background checks every two years. This policy was adapted in 2014. Updated procedures are presently being considered/reviewed. Additional information specific to background checks for 2017 Wisconsin 4-H & Youth Conference (YC) volunteers will be provided in very early May after online registration is completed by all participants.


“Delegates” are youth participants who

  • have not elected or been selected to participate in the Ambassador program and
  • are not a current member of the Art or Communications Team, Drama Company, or Wisconsin Leadership Council.

“Teen Leaders” are youth who

  • are serving as Ambassadors/Jr. Leaders/Teen Leaders for their county program
  • are encouraged to take two of their three seminars that list “TEEN LEADERS are encouraged to take this seminar” in the description. (See chart below for quick reference of recommended Teen Leader courses.)

Adult Advisors are expected to

  • chaperone youth at seminars, and they are expected to register for and participate in any of their selected seminars.


RECOMMENDED YOUTH LEADER SEMINARS (Watch for the diamond by the seminar name♦)

Titles of seminars recommended for

Ambassadors and Junior or Teen Leaders

Tues. Morning Tues. Afternoon Wed.   Morning Wed.   Afternoon
Community Organizing and Organizations: Making Positive Change Happen 104
Community Radio 105 105
Super Heroes: The Power of Volunteering 113
Decision Making and Choice Architecture 241 445
Activism and Art 280 494
Unleash Your Inner Leader 340
Design Thinking 342
Teens Teaching Healthy Living 370
Providers and Teens Communicating for Health (PATCH) 371
Hustling for Change 440
Why Not Inquiry? Leadership Training 441
4-H Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse 443
4-H at the Capitol 444
Art Activities That are Fun to Lead 491
STEM to the Rescue! 502
Organic 101 – the Next Generation 530
4-H Ag Innovators Experience – Water Windmill Challenge 531
Survival of the Egg 544
Telling Our 4-H Story! 590
Get into the Act! 591


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