WI 4-H & YC – Delegate Info

Webpage last updated: March 8, 2018.  Information will be provided as it becomes available. Prior year information remains posted for reference only.

Preparing for Conference:

Seminar Numbering System

The seminars are numbered according to time slot or target audience as follows:

100’s    Tuesday morning service learning seminars

200’s    Tuesday afternoon seminars

300’s    Wednesday morning seminars

400’s    Wednesday afternoon seminars

900’s    Adult Leader seminars

Links for Additional Information and Forms

18 Registration Handbook

18 YC Promo Flyer “Better Together” (1 page, 214 KB)

2018-YC Program Description and Accommodation Notice (1 page, 82 KB)

18 YC Health Update Form (1 page, 397KB)

18 4HOnline-Registering-For-YC (1 page, 91 KB)

Seminar Waiver Forms

These waivers are required for specific seminars. Please consult the registration guide for more information.

Waiver- Invasive Plants-Lakeshore Nature Preserve (1 page, 17KB)

Waiver- Second Harvest Volunteer Photo Release Form (1 page, 92 KB)

18 Waiver- Water Sports (1 page, 276 KB)

Please send waivers to:

4-H Educational Programs

436 Lowell Hall

610 Langdon St

Madison, WI 53703

Delegate Orientation

Delegate Orientation Powerpoint for May 24th, 2018 at 7:00pm orientation and county orientation.

Recording of teleconference on May 24th, 2018 will be uploaded here after it is over.


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