WI Cloverbud Learning Activities

Building a Safe and Positive Experience

A young child doesn’t need a subject expert or even an expert in 4-H – they need you to provide a safe and supportive experience that guides them in exploring new things and having fun.

Activities are tools to engage children in learning – the focus of the experience should be positive youth development.

Please refer to the Essential Elements for Cloverbud Programs and the Cloverbud Leader Guide for support in designing the learning experience.

Wisconsin 4-H Cloverbud Learning Activities  

Wisconsin Cloverbud learning activities can be used in a variety of settings, including 4-H club meetings, Cloverbud project meetings, day camps and afterschool programs.

Each activity features a different 4-H project area and targets the development of developmentally appropriate life skills. The instructions were tested to be easy to follow for both youth and adult leaders, using materials that are relatively low-cost and easy to obtain.

While each of the activities could be used as stand-alone, they are grouped together for year-long sequence of Cloverbud activities.

Complete the survey here to access the Wisconsin Cloverbud Learning Activities. Descriptions of the activities are located below to give you an idea of what is available to download.

Better Bubbles

Mix two different bubble solutions and test which one makes bigger and stronger bubbles.

Building a Snack Mix

How can your group create a snack that everyone enjoys? Work together to make a group snack mix.

Building a Web

Use teamwork to create a giant spider web and discover what makes webs strong.

Edible Color Wheel

Learn about the color wheel using graham crackers and frosting, and think like an artist to create your own color.

Make a Mini-Greenhouse

A recycled CD case becomes a mini-greenhouse where radish seeds sprout into seedlings – right before your eyes!

Paper Bag Pet Parade

Make a paper bag pet and teach it some tricks, then share your tricks with your friends during a special paper bag pet parade.

Pop-Up Greetings

Thank a helper with your own 3-D creation! Identify helpers in your community and create a unique 3-D card to thank them.

See the Wind

Use a simple windsock to measure wind direction and speed, and construct your own version to decorate your front porch.

Wake Up Your Tastebuds

We all have favorite foods…but how did they become favorites? Have a mini taste test to introduce new foods and maybe find a new favorite.