Research & Resources

Youth Community Leaders for Digital Transformation (Microsoft/4-H) Resource Guide

  1. Focusing your program
  2. Building Your Team & Connecting with the Community
  3. Action Planning and Monitoring Progress
  4. Evaluating Impact 
  5. Telling Your Story

Youth Leadership Wisconsin Impact Reports

Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development leadership programs: The 4-H difference
Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development leadership programs: Youth benefit


Curriculum and Training Resources

Building Community Toolkit contains many ideas for bringing youth and adults together to improve communities, focusing on community development and planning.
Youth-Adult Partnerships: A Training Manual and Creating Youth Adult Partnerships: Training Curricula for Youth, Adults and Youth-Adult Teams have activities and lesson plans relevant to many groups and needs.


Other Links

Youth-Adult Partnership for Youth and Civic Empowerment: UW-Extension site with resources for maximizing youth voice in communities and schools
National 4-H Citizenship Mission Mandate