Art Beat Forms

Read the following instructions before completing the online registration.  REGISTRATION CLOSED – CAMP FULL

  1. A completed/updated Health Form is required for all participants (youth and adults) – please complete/update your Health Form in 4-H Online by the February 15 registration deadline.  Please make sure your Authorization Forms are complete in 4-H Online by the February 15 registration deadline as well.
  2. Please read the 4-H Online registration instructions at
  3. Please register in 4-H Online at and be sure to mail your registration confirmation and payment ($50.00 per person youth and adults) to:  Lynn Pfeiffer, 4-H Art Beat, 436 Lowell Hall, 610 Langdon Street, Madison WI  53703 postmarked by February 16.  Please make checks payable to:  UW-Extension.  (Do NOT send cash.)  Your registration is not complete until we receive your payment.

More information about 4-H Art Beat.