4-H Drama Company

EF_0247 (3)Drama Company creates a stage performance involving acting, song and dance in the five days leading up to 4-H and Youth Conference. Show content is a collaborative effort between company members and their director. Each Drama Company member contributes ideas for the show and works with the group to problem solve issues on the set and in the script. Drama Company takes their show on to the Wisconsin State Fair where they perform for fair goers from across the state.

Greetings Fellow 4-H Family,

Another year of 4-H Drama Company has quickly raced by and my thoughts have turned to this coming year. As is always the case, the new year includes change, lots and lots of change. We have said our goodbyes to a stellar group of graduates and we anxiously await our newest company members. Rick Snyder, “Papa Snyds”, has taken on a new challenge and so we wish him well as he graduates from D.CO. and moves into the lead position of the Communication Arts team. That opening has allowed Shirley Frey to move into an Assistant Director position for Drama Company. Please help me welcome her into this new role. I know we all will benefit from her leadership.

The State 4-H office has also seen major changes with Peter and Kay retiring and Christina taking a new job. I want to thank them personally for all of their support and dedication. They have “made the best better”. It will require all of us to be patient as everyone learns their new roles. Amber Rehberg is joining the state staff and will bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and growth centered around youth development but we must remember that it is a new position and there are many roles to learn.

Now is the time to apply for DRAMA COMPANY 2017. Please remember that if we reach a maximum number of applicants, we will give preference to those who have all of their materials in early. Returning members need one letter of recommendation while new applicants need two letters. Letters can be sent directly to jjohnson@sasd.net  I am always searching for quality male chaperones. If you have ideas please let me know so that I can make contact with them and discuss our program.

Another change is that Drama Company will start on Wednesday for the State 4-H & Youth Conference instead of Thursday. The extra day will allow us to focus on our community before shifting our focus onto the show. As always, I require members to be in Madison for the entire time. Check your dates before applying. Conference is June 21-29. Planning weekend is April 7-9. We will also be adding a night to the planning weekend for inter-team building.

Knowing that there is so much change, it is normal to feel anxiety. If you have any questions, please ask. I want to make being a part of a state team positive, meaningful and life changing!

Making the best better!

Jay L. Johnson

4-H State Drama Company Director

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