State Committee

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(Wildlife Habitat Education Program)

Wisconsin 4-H Forestry

2017 State Committee Members


 Administration & Education 

Barb Yogerst – Chair, Jan Heidtke – Co-Chair, Committee Members: Jessica Jens, Ann Jackson

Responsible for administration & educational content of all program materials

Fund Raising & Budget

Norb Yogerst – Chair, Committee Members:  Al Gross, Courtney Meyer, Barb Yogerst

Responsible for fund raising & budget

Promotion & County Presentations –  Wildlife & Forestry

Teresa Dietenberger (2008 WI National WHEP Team) Chair, Kerri Ast – Co-Chair,   Robin Champeau – Co-Chair, Committee Members: Barb Yogerst, Matt Marmor, Kathleen Tober, Courtney Meyer, Warren Bohrmueller, Phil Heitpas, Norb Yogerst, Gayle Nicoll, Missy Zasada, Rhonda Bohrmueller, Laura Huber

Responsible for promotional activities & county wildlife presentations

 “Backyard & Back 40” –  County Wildlife & Forestry Activities

Barb Yogerst – Chair, Doug Mayer – Co-Chair, Committee Members: Kevin Marquette, Angie Kissinger (2009 WI National WHEP Team), David Kloehn (2010 WI National WHEP Team)

Responsible for County & Do-It-Yourself Wildlife & Forestry Activities

Wildlife WHEP & Forestry Art – Competition

Donna Gross – Chair, Amy Meyer Co-Chair, Committee Members:  Hannah Kloehn (2013 WI National WHEP Team), Michelle Gross (2010 WI National WHEP Team)

Responsible for Wildlife & Forestry Art Contests


Wildlife WHEP Contests

Al Gross – Chair, Angie Kissinger (2009 WI National WHEP Team) – Co Chair, Committee Members:  Beth Rades (2011 WI National WHEP Team), Christin Groth, Norb Yogerst, Mary Clark, Judy Mayer

Responsible for Workshop Contests

Forestry Contests

Gayle Nicoll – Chair, Committee Members:  Russell Gross (2006 WI National WHEP Team), Robin Champeau, Dean Wolfe, Norb Yogerst

Responsible for Workshop Contests

Youth Leadership Opportunities & Career Explorations

Mary Cooper – Chair, Allison Johnson (2011 WI National WHEP Team) – Co-Chair, Kerri Ast – Co-Chair,

Committee Members: Robin Schmidt (2013 WI National WHEP Team), Robin Champeau, Barb Yogerst

Responsible for youth leadership development and career explorations.

4-H Adult Volunteer Leaders – County Representation

State committee members are from eleven Wisconsin Counties.

Wildlife WHEP Wisconsin 4-H & Wisconsin 4-H Forestry Advisor

Brianna Stapleton Welch, 4-H Youth Development Educator

Special Thanks” are extended to the following for making the “Wildlife WHEP Wisconsin 4-H” & “Wisconsin 4-H Forestry” programs, possible: Wisconsin Chapter of National Wild Turkey Federation; Mad City Gobblers; Wildlife WHEP Wisconsin 4-H Friends; Wisconsin 4-H Forestry Friends; Wildlife WHEP Wisconsin 4-H Washington County; Ebel Sales, Inc.; Washington County (Hartford Chapter) Whitetails Unlimited; Northern Kettle Moraine Chapter of Whitetails Unlimited; Gateway Gobblers Chapter of  NWTF; Wildlife WHEP Wisconsin 4-H & Wisconsin 4-H Forestry Advisor, Brianna Stapleton Welch; Wildlife WHEP & Forestry 4-H State Committee          4H UWEX Co-brand logo - horizontal

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