Join our “Friends” group!

4-H group lighting sparklers

Working together we can achieve great things!

Are you a long time visitor to Upham Woods through your county 4-H group, school, scout troop, church, or retreat group? Did you visit Upham Woods as a youth and have fond memories of your experience? Are you a former staff member or volunteer? Or have you visited Upham Woods through a family camp, public program, or as a chaperone for your child? If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, we are looking for YOU!

We would like you to become a “Friend” of Upham Woods and join with other community members, current or past visitors, and alumni staff, volunteers and supporters who are interested in maintaining the positive legacy of youth and adult leadership and environmental education at Upham Woods. As we approach our 75th anniversary in 2016, we’d like to ask our Friends to get involved! Here’s how you can help:

–  Contact us at 608-254-6461 or and say “I want to become a Friend of Upham Woods”

–  Ask how you can get involved in the 75th Anniversary Celebration event in 2016

–  Tell us the name of a school principal or teacher whose students do not currently benefit from the programming at Upham Woods so we can invite them to experience all that Upham Woods has to offer

–  Bring your youth or adult group to Upham Woods for an overnight stay or day program for hands-on exploration and learning

–  Make a donation to Upham Woods or browse the Upham Woods Gift Guide for specific equipment and facility needs

If you would like to learn more about how to get involved at Upham Woods, please contact us at 608-254-6461 or Thank you!

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