Upham Woods Planning Calendar

Use the following calendar to determine what dates are “OPEN” to schedule a group visit to Upham Woods. Dates that are “Full” already have a large group or multiple groups and are not available to schedule a visit. Dates that are “Possible” have either a small group, limited staff availability, a group that is departing that morning or a group that is arriving in the afternoon or evening. Dates listed as “Closed” are not available to schedule a visit, and those listed as “Training” may be available to small groups.  Numbers indicate the number of available on-site beds out of a total capacity of 200 beds.  For example, (150/200) shows that 150 beds are available out of a total of 200.

Once available dates are found, complete an online reservation request. If you are unsure about the availability of dates or have questions about the process, please contact the Program Director at or call (608) 254-6461, ext. 209. A completed application and a deposit of $100/night or $50/day visit is required to hold dates.

Individuals that wish to reserve day meeting rooms should contact Upham Woods to determine availability as this calendar is NOT intended to show availability for Day Meeting Room reservations.


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