Inside a swine farrowing facility, showing farrowing crates on either side of a middle walkway.

2018 Badger Swine Symposium

Join UW-Extension, the Wisconsin Pork Association, and UW-Agriculture Colleges (Madison, Platteville, and River Falls) for the Badger Swine Symposium, hosted in Arlington, WI on November 9, 2018. Pre-registration is due November 2 so we can plan for lunch.  The program is FREE to attend. Lunch is included with financial support provided by Pork Check-Off funds. […]

sow with pigs

Introduction to Swine Genetics for Small and Beginning Farmers

The performance of pigs is the result of two influences: genetics and environment. Because the genetics of a pig plays an important role in its performance and meat quality, all pig producers should be familiar with the potential and application of genetic selection. This new factsheet provides an introduction to genetic principles and selection strategies for beginning […]