Swine Veterinarian Survey

pig drinking waterThe UW-Extension swine team is working on a survey to connect veterinarians that are willing to work on swine in Wisconsin with swine farmers.  Often in Wisconsin, large animal practices are willing to serve 4-H/FFA/youth clients on the show pig side of things, but finding a veterinarian that is willing to be a veterinarian of record for a veterinary-client-patient-relationship is a challenge for many swine farmers.  We are hoping to overcome some of these challenges and to help bridge this gap with your help.  There may be some practices that offer more than just show pig health certificates for clients and we want to help clients get connected with those businesses.

In wanting to be proactive getting swine clients connected with veterinarians prior to the January 2017 Veterinary Feed Directive changes, we have created a  Veterinary Practices That Serve Swine Clients Survey.  What we are ultimately wanting to do is map out where the swine veterinary services are in Wisconsin (and neighboring states that may be providing service to swine farmers) so that swine farmers can look to see where their nearest service provider is, as well as what services they are willing to provide.  We will host this map here on the UW-Extension Swine Team website.  If you know of a veterinary clinic that is currently working with swine or if you are a veterinarian that has a practice that is willing to work on swine, please consider filling out our survey.

View Veterinary Practices That Serve Swine Clients Survey

For veterinary clinics that would like to be included on the map, you may fill out the survey online or by contacting the Marquette County UW-Extension office to have a paper copy with return postage mailed to you.  You can include as much or as little information as you choose, but we will need at a minimum the veterinary service name, which veterinarian(s) are willing to work with swine, a phone number, and location of your practice for mapping purposes.  This survey should only take about 15 minutes of your time, so please consider completing the survey to get your clinic on the map.  By completing this survey, you and your clinic are agreeing to have your veterinary service location and contact information be mapped.  You are also agreeing to allow us to share your responses to the other questions asked about services provided, but we will NOT share your email address. If you choose to share your email address, it will be used only if the Swine Team has follow-up questions for you.  You may choose to withdraw your clinic/name and details from the map at any time by contacting Lyssa Seefeldt.

If you will need more information, have questions, need something in a different format, or if we can help facilitate this in any manner, please contact Lyssa Seefeldt at 608-297-3141 (711 for WI Relay) or lyssa.seefeldt@ces.uwex.edu.