Research and Evidence

Strengthening Families Program for Parents and Youth 10-14 is an evidence-based program that can provide both health and economic benefits to youth, to families and to your community long after the program ends.

What is an evidence-based program?

An evidence-based program is developed based on sound research information and then rigorously tested to determine that the intended effects of the intervention are actually accomplished.

What are the potential financial benefits of  having the Strengthening Families Program for Parents and Youth 10-14 throughout your community?

For every dollar your community spends on SFP 10-14 $9.60 will be saved  in the future in the form of less jail time, less time off work, and less time in treatment.

Source: Spoth, Guyll, & Day (2002). Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 63, 210-228.

What are the potential benefits of the Strengthening Families Program  for Parents and Youth 10-14 to youth, parents and families within your community?

  • Youth attending the program had significantly lower rates of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use compared to control youth.
  • The differences between program and control youth actually increased over time, indicating that skills learned and strong parent-child relationships continue to have greater and greater influence.
  • Youth attending the program had significantly fewer behavior problems in school than youth in the control group.
  • Parents showed gains in specific parenting skills, including setting appropriate limits and building a positive relationship with their youth.
  • Parents showed an increase in positive feelings towards their child.
  • Parents show gains on general child management, including setting rules and following through with consequences.
  • Parents increase skills in general child management, such as effectively monitoring youth and having appropriate and consistent discipline.


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