Volunteer Service

A wide variety of volunteer programs and projects can accommodate any Master Gardener’s lifestyle and schedule. Volunteer activities include:

  • Diagnosing Plant Problems
  • Staffing Educational Exhibits
  • Delivering Group Presentations
  • Gardening with Children
  • Conducting Educational Workshops
  • Planting Flowers at the Summerfest Grounds
  • Helping with Accessible Gardens for People with Disabilities
  • Teaching through Demonstration Gardens including:
    • butterfly gardens
    • herb gardens
    • kids’ ethnic garden at the Milwaukee County Zoo & Havenwoods
    • accessible garden at Wil-O-Way Grant Park

Every Master Gardener Volunteer needs to complete 24 hours of volunteer service activities and 10 hours of continuing education each year.

Volunteer Opportunities

Program Request and Report Form
MGV Speakers Bureau
Learn how to share gardening information through public group presentations by shadowing an experienced MG speaker
Contact:   Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinator Nancy Lehrer  nancy.lehrer@ces.uwex.edu
Templates for Speakers
Choose from 2 versions of the Template for Speakers for PowerPoint presentations
Version 1  for Office  2010  —-  Version 2 for Office 1997-2003
Click here for List of Presentations

MGV Newsletter
Write articles for the SouthEast Wisconsin Master Gardener Volunteer newsletter
Articles are due by the first day of even-numbered months
Submit articles by email to: sandymanning@gmail.com

MGV Standing Committee Chairs & Co-chairs
Finance: – Sandy Manning
Clothing: Peg Schellin & Bette Frangesch
Garden Support:  Catherine Price & Jennifer Lazewski
Holiday Party:  Judy Williamson & Patty Witt
Hospitality:  Mary and Fred Redlinger
In-House Education:  Rita Piper
Leadership:  Pat Adrian
Membership:  Patty Witt
Newsletter:  Sandy Manning, Ann Weronke, & Janet Wintersberger
Plant Sale:  Pat Adrian, Bonnie Paplham, Larry Paplham, Mark Pawlak, Sue Ratkowski, Bill Shaffer, Diane Thieme, & Patty Witt
Special Events:  Faouzi Kablaoui
Sunshine:  Judy Savage
Timesheets: Susan McDonell & Elaine Wilhelm
Trips & Tours:  Doris Fons, Cindy Lese & Sharon Roy


Garden Work Schedules

Garden Workdays  – Click Here for Approved Garden Projects Page

Special Note:
State Fair Volunteer Schedule for 2017
Print State Fair Schedule

Approved Public Garden Projects

The Work Schedule for Garden Projects is on the Approved Garden Projects page and on the Events page at the beginning of the current month’s listing.

These are public gardens for which SEWMG co-chairs have submitted the Garden Project Profile and MOU forms required for approval for volunteer service by the local MGV program. SEWMGs have the lead role at these gardens for planning, planting and care by agreement with a Partner Organization.
For more information, contact the listed co-chairs.

Printable list of Approved Public Gardens as of 8/2/2017 (pdf)

In Milwaukee County (11)

Fox 6 Green Thumb Garden
Fox 6 Studio, 9001 N. Green Bay Road, Milwaukee, WI 53209
Contact: Sharon Morrisey  Sharon.morrisey@ces.uwex.edu or 414-256-4660;

Franciscan Villa, Gardens of
3601 S. Chicago Ave, South Milwaukee
Co-chairs:  Ann Loper  annloper@mac.com or 414-687-6854
Kitty Schaefer  rjschaefer@sbcglobal.net or 414-483-6539
Sandra Kieturkus  skieturkus@hotmail.com or 414-768-9452

Harvest for the Hungry at Firefly Ridge
10602 Underwood Pkway, Wauwatosa 53226
Co-chairs: Tom LeMoine  tlemoine1@gmail.com or 414-771-8916
Read about the Firefly Ridge Garden

Havenwoods Environmental Education Center and DNR State Forest
6141 N Hopkins St, Milwaukee

  • Naturalist’s Backyard
    Co-chairs: Barbara Mackowey  bamackowey@aol.com   414-466-7681
    Barbara Pilak   414-546-2399
  • Buds n’ Sprouts Garden (Youth)
    Contact: Laura Spence, DNR Garden staff  414-527-0232

Kneeland-Walker House & Museum (Wauwatosa Historical Society)
7406 W Hillcrest Dr, Wauwatosa, WI 53226
Co-chairs: Carolyn Dressler  hocad@att.net or 414-453-0666
Ken Loeffel  kloeffel@wi.rr.com or 414-839-3104
Read an article about Kneeland-Walker House

Lowell Damon House Historic Garden (Milwaukee Co. Historical Society)
2107 Wauwatosa Ave, Wauwatosa, WI 53226
Co-chairs: Kit Hansen  kbhansenapple@sbcglobal.net or 414-771-5482
Cheryl Rasmann  414-258-0970
Lynda Barbieri  lbarbieri@wi.rr.com or 414-258-5315
Read an article about Lowell Damon House

Lynden Sculpture Garden Butterfly & Pollinator Garden (see Youth Garden listing)

North Point Lighthouse (In Lake Park)
2650 N Wahl Ave, Milwaukee, WI
Co-chairs:  Marlene Jaglinski  mjaglinski@wi.rr.com or 414-963-9643
Gerri Olson  ggombo@att.net  or 414-403-4214
Read an article about North Point Lighthouse

Polish Heritage Alliance Center Gardens
6941 S. 68th St, Franklin
Co-chairs: Sandy Je T’aime  gardens@inbox.com or 414-761-0020
Sharon Marifke  amarifke@wi.rr.com  or 414-545-6109

State Fair Gardens in Natural Resources Park
State Fair Park, 640 S 84th St, West Allis, WI 53214
Co-chairs: Nancy Dubyk   nancy85@wi.rr.com or 262-789-9883
Matt Singer  msinger53@gmail.com or 414-771-3969
Susan Sobczak  ssobczak8@gmail.com or 414-771-2152

Wil ‘O Way in Grant Park Accessible Gardens
207 Lake Dr, South Milwaukee, WI
Co-chairs: Aaron Tesch  aaronie2g2@yahoo.com or 608-219-9199

Zoo Gardens, Children’s Zoo, Milwaukee County Zoo
10001 W. Bluemound Rd, Milwaukee

Butterfly Habitat
Co-chairs:  John Kastl  jjjkastl@att.net or 414-258-4319
Ruta Goba  richruta@sbcglobal.net or 414-282-0164
Barbara Galindo redbab6@gmail.com 414-467-6541


In Waukesha County (13)

Community Memorial Hospital Healing Garden
(Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin)
W180 N8085 Town Line Rd, Menomonee Falls, WI
Co-chairs: Betty Breen  bpolcyn@att.net or 262-353-0834
Peg Schellin  pnschellin3@wi.rr.com or 262-246-6377
Read an article about the Healing Garden

Eble Park Gardens
19400 W Bluemound Rd, Brookfield, WI

Green Power Garden
Hwy. 164 & Hwy. I (southeast of Waukesha)
Co.-chairs: Molly Llanas  bucketqueen@sbcglobal.net  or 262-951-6686

Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital Emergency Department Oasis Garden
791 Summit Ave, Oconomowoc, WI
Co-chairs: Mary Jane Swedberg  maryswedberg@gmail.com or 920-474-4574
Joann Leair  joannleair@gmail.com or 920-625-3518
Ann Sokop msokop@wi.rr.com or 262-370-5950
Click here to read an Article about Oconomowoc Oasis Garden

Pewaukee Public Library Rain Garden
210 Main St, Pewaukee, WI
Co-chairs: Sally Ruf  yardengirl@gmail.com or 262-691-1527

Red Brick Museum
103 Main St, Mukwonago, WI
Co-chairs: Ron Reinert  rreinert5@wi.rr.com or 262-210-3419
Carol Mainwaring  cjmainwaring@yahoo.com or 262-662-1506
Tom Biddick tombiddick@hotmail.com or 414-315-0603
Read more about the Red Brick Museum

St. James Community Gardens (Field of Hope and Field of Dreams)
W220 N6588 Town Line Rd, Menomonee Falls
Co-chairs: Deb Schneider  djschneider@wi.rr.com or 414-550-2167
Read more about St. James Community Gardens

Stagecoach Inn (Dousman) in Brookfield
1075 Pilgrim Parkway, Brookfield, WI
Co-chairs: Janet Wintersberger  jwintersberger@wi.rr.com or 262-879-0391

Sussex Civic Center Garden
N64 W23760 Main St. Sussex, WI 53089
Co-chairs: Barbara Olson  baro@wi.rr.com or 262-251-8966
Pat Serra patserra@earthlink.net or 262-796-0044

Ten Chimneys Historic Landmark
Depot Road, Genesee Depot
Co-chairs: Marcia Boyer mdboyer8@gmail.com  or 414-405-8842
Noel Fortier n48bucky@aol.com or 262-227-8383
Nancy Cecil-Mitchell greenpetal70@gmail.com or 414-339-1992

Town Hall Library In North Lake
N76 W31429 Hwy VV, P.O. Box 158, North Lake, Waukesha
Co-chairs: Marilyn Guenther jm.guenther@hotmail.com or 262-966-3540

Waukesha Memorial Hospital Kitchen Garden (ProHealth Care)
725 American Ave, Waukesha, WI 53188
Co-chairs: Kathy Miller
Read about the Waukesha Memorial Hospital Kitchen Garden

Wilson Center, Strohmaier Sculpture and Botanic Garden
19805 W Capital Dr, Brookfield, WI
Co-chairs: Mary Korntved skydancer135@gmail.com or 414-643-1250
Deb Lechmaier deblechm@yahoo.com  262-790-2619


Registered Youth Gardens – registered with the local MGV program:  

These are gardens which SEWMGs have the lead role in planning, planting and care of. All other sites where SEWMGs assist either with youth programs or maintenance do not need to be “approved” and should be reported as Youth Activities/Events/Projects on the SEWMG timesheet.

Printable List of Youth Gardens as of 4-7-17  (pdf)

In Milwaukee County (8)

Alice’s Garden
North 20th and West Garfield Streets, Milwaukee
Co-chairs: Nancy Brook  nbrook@wi.rr.com or 414-453-6936
Stephan Davis

Greendale High School Community Garden
6801 Southway, Greendale
Co-chairs: Heidi Hennessy heidi.hennessy@greendale.k12.wi.us or 414 421-7004
Kathy Miller  miller.km.wi@gmail.com or 414-427-4169

Kradwell School, The Learning Gardens
1220 Dewey Ave., Wauwatosa
Co-chairs:  Jennifer Lazewski  jenlazewski@gmail.com or 414-453-4157
Peggy Leonhardt  peggy.leonhardt@gmail.com or 414-358-0157
Click here to read an Article about Kradwell Learning Gardens

Lynden Sculpture Garden’s Pollinator Garden
2145 W Brown Deer Rd, River Hills
Co-chairs:  Pat Conole  bconole@wi.rr.com or 262-424-7484
Bernita Hile  bernitahile@gmail.com or 262-573-1535

Maryland Avenue Montessori Garden
2418 North Maryland Avenue, Milwaukee
Co-chairs:  Lisa Kingery  lkingeryrd@gmail.com or 414-278-9440

Ronald McDonald House Secret Garden
8948 Watertown Plank Rd., Wauwatosa
Co-chairs:   Ann Phillips, nana@milwpc.com or  414-771-6563
Click here to read an Article about the Ronald McDonald House Secret Garden

St. Francis Children’s Center Native Grasses & Shrubs Garden
6700 N. Port Washington Rd., Glendale
Co-chairs:   Carmen Berte   jcarmenberte38@gmail.com or 414-774-2379

Underwood School Garden
11132 W. Potter Rd, Wauwatosa
Co-chairs:  Chris Weber weblgrdn@yahoo.com or 414-380-8525
Chris Cera chris.cera1@gmail.com

Please note that the gardens at Havenwoods and the Zoo are now listed with the Approved Public Gardens and not with  Youth Gardens.

In Waukesha County (1)

Oconomowoc (High School) Arts Center
Oconomowoc School District Office, 641 E. Forest, Oconomowoc
Contact:  Chuck Congo, cwcongo@gmail.com or 262-691-3812

Approved Projects

These are projects approved by the local MGV program that focus on a single aspect of gardening and are led by a group of SEWMGs or are projects supported by the UW-Extension and specific partners they work with.  For more information, contact the listed Master Gardener Volunteer.

Printable list of Approved Projects as of 2-1-16

Lifelong Gardening Committee
Contact: MGV Ann Loper Chair  414-687-6854  annloper@mac.com

UW Extension Urban Agriculture Project
Bee Keeping Program – Contact: MGV Linda Reynolds 414 256-4652

Champion Tree project
Contact: MGV Ruth Marshall  262 646-8689  ruthmars@centurytel.net

Invasive species Eradication
Contact: MGV Ruth Marshall  262 646-8689   ruthmars@centurytel.net

Pollinator Group
Contact:  MGV Jennifer Lazewski   414-453-4157   jenlazewski@gmail.com

Plant Sale
Contact:  MGV  Bill Shaffer   414-257-0299   wshaffer@wi.rr.com
Contact:  MGV  Patty Witt   262-797-0719   pattywitt8@gmail.com
Contact:  MGV  Diane Thieme  414-962-9892  dianet1@execpc.com

State Fair Model Backyard, Natural Resources Park at WI State Fair Park
84th & Greenfield, West Allis
General Contact:  Sharon Morrisey  414-256-4660   sharon.morrisey@ces.uwex.edu
General Contact:  MGV Bill Shaffer  414-257-0299   wshaffer@wi.rr.com

State Fair Project
Contact: Co-Chair   MGV Nancy Dubyk   414-789-9883  nancy85@wi.rr.com
Contact:  Co-Chair  MGV  Matt Singer    414-771-3969   msinger53@gmail.com
Contact:  Co-Chair  MGV  Susan Sobczak  414-771-2152  ssobczak8@gmail.com

Young Gardeners
Gardening With Children-

Contact: Jane Schneider  414-425-8858  jvschneider@att.net
Contact:  Denise Beilke   414-481-1003   mercydees@msn.com

Wil-O-Way Underwood Parkway Accessible Garden
10602 Underwood Pkway, Wauwatosa
Contact:  MGV Jan Alba  414-256-4651
Contact:  MGV Linda Reynolds  414-256-4652
Dennis Lukaszewski,    UWEX  414-256-4650

Wil-O-Way Grant Park Accessible Garden
207 Lake Dr., South Milwaukee
Contact:  MGV  Alysia Owczarski    414-254-3063   tinkme1st@yahoo.com
Contact:  MGV Jan Alba  414-256-4651
Contact:  MGV Linda Reynolds  414-256-4652
Contact:  Dennis Lukaszewski    UWEX  414-256-4650


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