Preserving Wisconsin’s Harvest – archives (2014)

May 12            Tips for a Successful Year of Food Preservation –  Recording Evaluation  Slides. The right equipment and the most up-to-date information will start the season off right. [Note: the recording of this program failed, but a similar program presented May 13 for Colorado State University Extension was successful. The recording is a link to the Colorado program.]
June 2             Home Freezing of Foods Evaluation  Slides. Freezing is an easy method of food preservation. Join us to find out how to freeze foods that your family will enjoy.
June 9             Canning Basics –  Evaluation  Slides. Whether pressure canning or canning in a boiling water canner, there are some basic steps to make sure canning is done right.
June 16           Making Jams and Jellies –  Evaluation  Slides. Learn how to make tasty fruit spreads that capture the taste of summer or fall.
June 30           Drying Fruits and Vegetables at Home Evaluation  Slides. Drying foods can be fun! Learn how to get started using this easy food preservation method.
July 7               Judging Home Preserved and Prepared FoodsEvaluation  Slides. Ever wonder what makes for a ribbon-winning fair entry? Find out from a master fair judge! Becky Gutzman, food preservation program specialist (presenter).
July 14             Canning Vegetables Safely Evaluation  Slides. Turn up the heat (and pressure) to safely can garden vegetables.
July 21             Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products –  Evaluation  Slides. Join us for tips on canning tomatoes tart and tasty.
August 11       Canning Fruits Safely –  Evaluation  Slides. The bounty of the orchard preserved for the winter, tips on canning fruits safely will be shared.
August 18       Time to Make Pickles–  Evaluation  Slides. Learn tips for making pickles that are safe enough for Grandma to enjoy (and tasty too).
August 25       Fermenting Foods at Home­Evaluation  Slides. Sauerkraut, genuine dills and yogurt are delicious fermented foods easy to prepare at home.
September 8  Storing Fruits and VegetablesEvaluation  Slides. Learn how to enjoy the bounty of farm and orchard for months to come.
October 6       Preserving  Meat Safely­ –  Evaluation  Slides. Dried, frozen, or canned – we’ll discuss tips for preserving safe, high quality meat.
November 3   A Safe Thanksgiving and Crockpot Safety  – Evaluation  Slides. Tips for preparing a safe holiday meal, and ideas for using your crock pot safely.

Archives of earlier content:

Chocolate! (Feb 11 2014). Slides  What better time to focus on chocolate and other sweets than Valentine’s Day! How is chocolate made and why is it now said to be a ‘health food?’
Planning for a Successful Gardening Year (Apr 8 2014).  Slides  Often a bountiful harvest is linked to planting the right crops, at the right time. Learn what varieties work well in Wisconsin and tips for a successful gardening year. Mike Maddox, Master Gardener Program Coordinator.