So you got a deer!

For many people in Wisconsin, fall means deer season.  The University of Wisconsin Extension has several resources to help you safely handle your harvest of wild game, especially deer. deer

Fall weather can be variable, from mild to freezing temperatures, bare ground to snow.  The best information to help you safely harvest a deer is the Wisconsin Extension publication So You Got a Deer. This comprehensive publication has been around for several years but is still a standard.  Pennsylvania State University has condensed much of this information into a handy Pocket Guide to Field Dressing a Deer With the advent of Chronic Wasting Disease in Wisconsin several years ago, resources were developed to help hunters:

There is also a video prepared on Safe Deer Processing prepared by the Chronic Wasting Disease Alliance. Wisconsin has an active Deer Donation program that works with hunters to donate deer to feed the hungry.

There are several resources to help hunters, and their families, preserve venison once a deer is harvested and butchered.

Venison is a lean meat that many hunters and their family enjoy year-round.