UW-Extension Data Jams


2016 Data Jam Schedule & Locations

To register for a data jam, or to suggest hosting a data jam at a location near you, please register here.  If you have additional questions, please contact Kyrie Caldwell (kyrie.caldwell@ces.uwex.edu).

Registration to UW-Extension Data Jams is currently only open to UW-Extension colleagues. If you or your project are not funded or employed through UW-Extension, please contact Christian Schmieder
February 14 –  (hosts: TBD and Madison): FoodWise Data Jam #1
March 15 –  (hosts: TBD and Madison): FoodWise Data Jam #2
April 20 –  (hosts: TBD and Madison): FoodWise Data Jam #3

Monthly Data Jams are the Qualitative Analysis Community of Practice’s core educational opportunities for building capacity around qualitative research & evaluation methods and use of the qualitative data analysis software MAXQDA.

For a full day, colleagues across the state analyze a data set, brought by a colleague or team of colleagues. By participating in data jams, you build skills in evaluation development, qualitative data analysis, and in the use of qualitative data analysis software. More importantly: you’re working with colleagues on a real project, and you will finish a brief research summary at the end of the data jam.

Please refer to the Recording Results development overview to learn more about the Community of Practice. To join the Community of Practice, or if you have any questions, please contact Christian Schmieder.


Access to MAXQDA

MAXQDA is a powerful tool for qualitative data analysis that is available for free to all colleagues at UW-Cooperative Extension. In this section, you will find instructions on how to access MAXQDA. 

Guides & Hints

On this page, colleagues across UW-Cooperative Extension share guides on analyzing qualitative data.