Inclusion Excellence is the active and intentional engagement, appreciation and welcoming of diversity and differences in ideas, in people, in our educational programming and in the communities we serve. Diversity and inclusion are essential to our sustainability and central to our mission, our values and our strategic directions. As such, diversity and inclusion are central aspects of our program development models and processes. Inclusive Excellence is built on a foundation of compliance with civil rights, affirmative action and equal opportunity laws and policies and special outreach to audiences that historically have been neglected.


Inclusive Excellence Research Project

2016-07-19_8-56-51In 2015, leaders at the University of Wisconsin – Cooperative Extension expressed interest in understanding the extent to which inclusive excellence is modeled in educational programming. The Program Development & Evaluation unit was charged with the task of conducting a study on inclusive excellence as it relates to programming and sharing learning around what seems to be working well, as well as challenges that prevent colleagues from working in inclusive ways. The IE Research Project page contains study findings and a tool for colleagues to use as they plan for and implement culturally responsive programming to diverse audiences. IE Research Project Page


Sustainable Equitable Engagement Process (SEEP)

SEEP Graphic_01292014The Sustainable Equitable Engagement Process (SEEP) is an initiative of University of Wisconsin-Cooperative Extension that supports colleagues in intentionally meeting the needs of diverse and underserved communities. SEEP is comprised of three components: mapping workshops, case studies and learning communities. Together, these efforts aim to create systematic change to promote institution-wide involvement in community engagement that reflects the perspectives and priorities of diverse and underserved audiences. SEEP Page 

Inclusive Excellence

CES_InclusiveExcellenceWebpageThe University of Wisconsin – Cooperative Extension Inclusive Excellence page contains information and resources on IE in Cooperative Extension. Find resources on Community Based Education and Organizational Climate including links to employee resource groups, the multicultural awareness program, and external resources. IE Page