Training Sessions

You must register to receive a current edition training manual before you can become certified in any pest control category or subcategory in Wisconsin. Then you must preregister to attend any live training / review session. These are two different processes. Walk-ins may lead to a grumpy drive home, it is not advised.

► Click on the Registration tab above to find out how to register for a training session.

Attending a live training session is optional, and not every category has live training. Live sessions are offered during the winter months (January – April). Before you attend, you must do both of the following:

  • Register to receive a current edition training manual (click on the Training Manuals tab), and
  • Register to attend a specific live session (walk-ins are not permitted).

► Commercial applicators: go to the Training Schedule page to get the composite schedule of training sessions or click ‘Available Training Sessions’ below for the directions to the training sites.

Available Training Sessions
An optional one-day pesticide applicator training session, designed for applicators seeking initial certification or recertification, is available in only the following pest control categories.

Private Applicators – Contact your County Extension Office
General Farming (100)
Greenhouse & Nursery (104)

Commercial Applicators
Field & Vegetable Crops (1.1)
Forestry (2.0)
Turf & Landscape (3.0)
Greenhouse & Nursery (3.1)
Right-of-Way (6.0)
Structural (7.1)
Aquatic & Mosquito (5.0)

The live session is not a substitute for reading the manual itself but, rather, supplements your training manual by highlighting some of the most important aspects of pesticide use and pest management found in your manual. The manual covers pesticide use in even greater detail and, as a consequence, experience shows that you are more likely to pass the exam if you read and review the training manual before coming to the session.  Success of passing the category test is greatly reduced with out reading and studying the manual.  Remember, the tests are written from the manual and the learning objectives at the front of each chapter.  Attending a training helps to refresh that material that you have already been exposed to just before taking the test.  If you are being exposed to the material for the FIRST time at the training it may be hard to commit the material to memory just before the test.

of Attending
Higher Success Rate of Passing the Exam
Commercial applicator exam scores from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection show that applicators attending UW-Extension training sessions have a 13% greater chance of passing the exam the first time than those who do not attend training.

Highly Rated by Applicators
Surveys show that 99% of the nearly 1,500 commercial applicators who have attended UW-Extension training sessions have said the session was helpful. The same surveys also show that 97% have learned or increased their knowledge in at least one of the 10 subject areas covered during training. About half of the 1,500 attendees were recertifying. Of the recertifying applicators that have attended sessions in the past, 81% have indicated that the sessions have improved.