The UW Pesticide Applicator Training (PAT) Program offers several training products.  To purchase any of the products below go to the PAT Store.

Required Training

One of the following registration fees have to be paid for Certification. Each of the items below comes with a Certificate that you must present to DATCP when taking the certification exam.

  1. A print manual ($47) or,
  2. An electronic PDF version of the manual ($42) or,
  3. An online course (which also comes with a PDF manual) ($60).

1. For the print manuals, the certificate is the first page of the book. For options 2 and 3 we will send you the Certificate via UPS.

Content of the Manuals

The manuals DO NOT cover pest control techniques for every specific situation. They also do not teach which specific pesticide or application technique is best for any particular weed, insect, fungus or other pest. They do not give recommendations for what pesticides to use for specific pests. The focus is on ensuring that you know how to use pesticides—any pesticide—safely and legally. In addition, the learning materials produced by PAT do not advocate pesticide use over other means of pest management. Rather, they focus on the safe and proper use of pesticides by people who will be using them.

Every category manual contains “core” information that includes topics such as use of personal protective equipment, proper storage, mixing and loading and disposal of pesticides, to just name a few of the topics. Each manual will contain information that is relevant to the category in terms of types of pests, application sites, application equipment and more. To see an example table of contents from one of the manuals, click here.

Supplemental Training

These are optional training materials that you can select if you wish.  The price of these items are extra to the required training above, but again, these are meant to be supplements to the main training above and are not required.

  1. Live Training / Review Sessions ($30). These training / review sessions are held primarily during the months of January through April for select categories. These one-day sessions are meant to be a review of material in your manual and DO NOT cover everything in the manual that may appear on the certification exam. At the end of the review session, you have the opportunity to take the exam right away while the information is still fresh in your mind. Preregistration is required! We do not allow walk-ins due to limited seating and availability of enough exams brought to the site.
  2. DVD ($12).  Some of the categories have DVDs. These are videos of the live training / review sessions discussed above. Warning, many of these are slightly out of date.
  3. Soil Fumigation Online Supplemental Training (Free!). The following free tutorial can help you get caught up on the regulations of soil fumigation.  [ Soil Fumigation Tutorial ]

For a review of the information above in the form of a podcast, click here: What Training Material Should I Order?