PAT Tools

The UW PAT program provides several tools and information to help navigate the rules.

Calibration Sheet – This is a grid of amounts (fl.oz. and mls) that an applicator has to catch from a nozzle at a specified GPA, speed, and nozzle width.

Commercial Applicator Certification Exam Procedures – The “Green Sheet” cover letter included with every training manual. It lists instructions on how to make certification exam arrangements with the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), and the locations and directions to test-only sites.

Dual Notice List – A list of Dual Notice pesticides registered for use in Wisconsin. Employers must notify workers by warning them orally AND by posting warning signs at treated sites before using one of these products.

Endangered Species Bulletin Information – Pesticides that may affect endangered species will direct users to the EPA’s Bulletin Live! website before the product can be applied. (See Applicator Tools > Government Tools)

Field Application Techniques – A bulletin giving tips on proper field application techniques of pesticides.

Laundering Pesticide-Contaminated Work Clothes – If you are a pesticide applicator your work clothes can have some pesticides on them at the end of the day. North Dakota State University published this document to give some guidance on how to deal with laundering your work clothes.

Managing Pesticide Drift in Wisconsin Field Sprayers – A bulletin describing how an applicator can reduce spray drift.

On-Farm Posting Flow Chart – Posting can be a confusing thing, this flow chart can help in understanding when to post and how to.  Try our Posting Tool below.

Posting Tool – Posting and notification of pesticide applications can be a complicated process. This tool will walk you through when, where, and how you have to post and notify people of pesticide applications.

Record Keeping Form – A form applicators can use to record their pesticide use.

Registration Form [ Commercial / Private ] – Registration form to order, by mail, training manuals and/or register to attend a training session.

Restricted-Use Pesticide List – Agricultural pesticides classified as restricted-use and registered for use in Wisconsin. Updated November, 2017.

School Posting Flowchart – A flowchart to help applicators determine their posting responsibilities when making pesticide applications on school grounds.

Special-Use Permit Flowchart – This flow chart helps applicator determine whether they need to obtain a special permit before using certain pesticides for the control of mammals, birds, or aquatic pests.

Sprayer Calibration Worksheet – This is a great worksheet that you can work through to calibrate your sprayer for area applications. Developed by Dan Marzu (ANR County Educator Lincoln County) for UW Extension and the PAT Program.

Turf & Landscape Posting Chart – A flowchart on posting responsibilities for those who apply on turf & landscapes (category 3.0).