How To Get Going

Quick Guide on How to Get Going

What should I order?

How do I order?

The following are instructions on how to go through the process.

1. Decide if you are a Private applicator or Commercial applicator.

  • Do you produce an agricultural commodity?
  • Do you apply pesticides on land you own/rent or your employer own/rents?
  • Are you planing on buying and using Restricted-Use Pesticides?

If all three are yes, then you are a Private applicator and need to be certified as one. If you are a Private applicator please contact your County Extension Office to proceed.  You will have to purchase the training fee with materials and take the test at your county.

2. You do not fit the above description. You are a Commercial applicator.  Are you an applicator for-hire or an applicator not for-hire? You must be certified if:

  • You use Restricted Use Pesticides.
  • You apply pesticides to other people property for money.
  • You apply pesticides to public school grounds (K-12).
  • You direct the use of pesticides, meaning you tell other people how and what to apply.

If you do any of the above and you are not a Private applicator, then you are a Commercial applicator and need to be certified.

3. What category are you in? There are several categories of certification. These are based on where you are applying or if you are controlling mosquitoes or termites. See Certification Categories to get descriptions.

4. Go to the PAT Store to pay the training fees and choose whether you want a printed manual, pdf, or online course (where available). An applicator’s name is put on the certificate as proof of having the training materials, provide the applicator who will be using the certificate. PAT Store

5. Study up using the materials; reading the manual, pdf or going through the course.

6. Schedule a test with the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. You must get a 70% to pass. Certification is good for 5 years. You must present the filled out Training Registration Form to get your results (found in the manual or shipped to you with pdf or course). If you do not have this, you will not be certified. Schedule an Exam

7. Apply for a license to apply pesticides.  The license has to be renewed every Jan 1st.  The license application is now on line, but you will have to set up an account to pay.  There is still a mail in form if you choose to do that.

8. If you are the applicator business owner then your business locations will also need to be licensed. The license has to be renewed every Jan 1st. Apply for a Business License