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To become a certified applicator you are required to purchase the certification fees (with training materials) through the PAT Program. Schedule your exam through The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade  and Consumer Protection (DATCP), and present your training certificate when you take your exam. Your results and certification will be mailed to you by DATCP.

The PAT Program Provides Training Materials

The University of Wisconsin (UW) Pesticide Applicator Training (PAT) Program provides:

  • Ordering of certification fees (with training materials) required to become a certified applicator in the State of Wisconsin
  • Supplementary training materials and live training / review sessions in the winter months.
  • Got a question about certification, give us a call, we might be able to help.

To Order Certification Fee (with training materials)

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection’s (DATCP’s) Role in Certification

DATCP enforces the pesticide laws in Wisconsin.  DATCP also writes & administers the certification exams and grants certification. DATCP also administers applicator and applicator business licenses in the state.  The UW PAT program does NOT have access to your test results.


This is important if you are enrolled or going to enroll in one of the UW PAT Program’s online courses (Turf & Landscape or Aquatic & Mosquito). To be able to access the course it is a three step process in involving 3 email invitesStep 1: You will receive an invite from the Manifest Group System.  It will have the group name of the course you are enrolling in.  Please follow these instructions. This is a request to set up a guest Identification–essentially what is called a NetID.  Step 2: Once you are sent a NetID, you then have to accept the second email invite to activate your NetID.  If you do not do this, then we can’t invite you to the course. Step 3: Once you have been granted a NetID and activated it the PAT Program can then invite you to the course that you purchased.  Please follow these instructions.

This is not the easiest procedure, but due to security and other reasons it is the one that the University has given us.  If you received your invite and deleted it please contact Glenn Nice (below) and he will send out another invite.

Instructionswhat to order


Pesticide Applicator Training (PAT)

Department of Agronomy
University of Wisconsin
1575 Linden Dr
Madison WI 53706-1597

General email:

(Questions about manuals, live training, registration)

Glenn Nice
PAT Program Manager, or 608-263-6358

Gary Kubat
PAT Program Office Support Staff, or 608-262-7588

Steve Tomasko
PAT Senior Outreach Specialist, or 608-265-4315

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

Department of Agriculture
2811 Agriculture Dr.
Madison WI 53708

(Questions about certification, licensing, scheduling an exam, exam scores)

Pesticide Certification & Licensing – 608-224-4548 for questions regarding Pesticide Certification and Licensing  if you need to schedule a test or cancel one that you have scheduled.

Scheduling an Exam

Bureau of Agrichemical Management