Fall 4-H Awards Banquet

The Awards Banquet on Sunday November 5th was a big success.  It was wonderful to see representatives from all three clubs there.  Family pictures will be coming.  Here are the thoughts from the “What does belonging meaning to you” board.

Belonging means to include everyone no matter what

Belonging means fun.

Belonging is to create a welcome environment

Belonging is to accept differences of others.

Belonging means making friends and learning things together while having fun together.

Belonging means that we will come not matter what.

Belonging meaning being a part of a group that cares.

Belonging is the right thing to do, like a family.

Belonging is a feeling that you are a part of something.

Belonging is being a part of a family.

Belonging is feeling included and welcome.

Belonging is being committed to something.

Belonging is commitment.

Belonging is inclusion, feeling welcome.

Belonging is joyfulness.

Belonging is having other people care about you share common interests.

Belonging means that it is YOURS!


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