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FoodWIse’s FNV campaign wins international social marketing award

The FNV “fruits and veggies” campaign promotes increased consumption of fruits and vegetables to alter the behavior of young adults across America. In 2017, Partnership for a Healthier America and a collective of Wisconsin-based partners worked with more than 60 community organizations and retailers, placed more than 15 billboards, served 17,552 transit impressions and received 23 million digital impressions and 14 million social media impressions. 


2018 Livestock Judging Results from Area Animal Science Days

During the 2018 Area Animal Science Days in Kewaunee, Clark and Lafayette Counties, youth judged breeding and market classes of swine, beef, sheep and, in some locations, meat goats. Youth also answered a sets of species questions and seniors judges gave oral reasons on selected classes. 


Should you inoculate your soil with microbials?

There is an increasing number of soil biological inoculant products. Many farmers and consultants may be considering their use, but aren’t exactly sure what they are or what their benefit would be. University of Wisconsin-Extension scientists explain the products’ uses.