Wisconsin celebrates Money Smart Week April 22-29

Many events scheduled around the state to help people meet financial goals

Contact: Peggy Olive, 608-262-6766, polive@wisc.edu

When you stop and think about it, most of us have at least one financial goal. For some, it may be saving for a house or college. Others may be focused on paying down debt and boosting their credit score. And some people may want to learn more about sticking to a budget.

There’s no better time to think about personal financial goals than during Money Smart Week Wisconsin from April 22-29. Many University of Wisconsin-Extension offices and partner organizations offer a range of financial education seminars, workshops, displays and more at various locations statewide. Interested individuals can find Money Smart Week events in their area online at moneysmartweek.org.

“Money Smart Week was first started in 2001 to focus our attention on our financial goals and habits,” states Peggy Olive, Financial Capability Specialist with UW-Extension/UW-Madison. “Of course, we’re all dealing with money every day, but setting aside a little time once a year to revisit and tweak our financial habits can have a lasting impact year round.”

UW-Extension has online resources to assist with managing money, dealing with debt, and making progress toward goals. The website fyi.uwex.edu/money links to reliable resources for budgeting, boosting credit scores, dealing with unexpected expenses, saving for college, and renting that first apartment.

“Research tells us that people with less financial stress and greater well-being have a few things in common,” shares Olive. “These individuals have a handle on their daily spending habits, have a plan for emergencies, are making progress towards goals, and plan their spending to include some of life’s wants and little extras.”

With a bit of time and know-how, individuals can set up a plan for their financial well-being that works for their own budget and lifestyle. For more information on financial management or Money Smart Week activities in your area, contact your local UW-Extension office.

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