Survey of our Readers

Around 400 households with children enrolled in Head Start/Early Head Start received the monthly financial newsletter in 2010-11.  We heard back from 154 households who returned our year end survey.  Here are some highlights:

  • 67% reported they read “most” or “all” of the monthly newsletters, while 32% “skim” it
  • 1 in 5 households pass their newsletter along to share with someone else
  • 93% of households rated the information in the newsletters as “somewhat” or “very” helpful, compared with other sources for financial information, such as parents/friends (81%) and websites (54%)
  • Almost half of all readers (47%) reported that reading the newsletters helped them to “set a financial goal” and “make a spending plan”
  • More than one-third of readers reported that the newsletters helped them to “get the most from their tax refund and tax credits” (43%), as well as helped them to “put money into a savings account” and “start to make payments on their debt” (36%)