2011 Proceedings

Presentations from the 2011 Midwest Manure Summit:

Dr. Marie-Line Daumer, Cemagref, France
*  European Perspectigves on Technical and Economical Approaches to Phosphorus Recycling

John Ferguson, P. Eng, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates
*  Air Quality, What’s Coming in 2011 and What should you do?

Charles Gould, Michigan State University Extension
*  Maximizing the Value of Digester Fiber
*  A Digester for the 125-Cow Dairy:  Fact or Fiction?

Dr. Joe Harrison, Washington State University
*  Managing Manure to Minimize Environmental Impact Paper
Managing Manure to Minimize Environmental Impact PowerPoint

John F. Hunt, Forest Products Laboratory, USDA
*  Utilizing Biosolids as Packaging or Building Materials
*  Biosolid Materials (Hunt 3def-fiberboard – Video)

Dr. Bill Jokela – USDA-ARS Marshfield
*  Manure Application Methods to Minimize Ammonia Losses and Maximize Crop N Use

Dr. Dana Kirk, Manager, ADRE Center, Michigan State University
*  Making Digesters Work:  The Economics of Bedding and Cofeeding

Dr. Becky Larson, University of Wisconsin – Madison
*  Innovative Treatment Options for Dairy Wash Water
*  Management of Farmstead Area Runoff

Bob Nagel, D.V.M., Holsum Dairy, Chilton WI
*  Profitability of Digesters — If I Knew Then, What I Know Now

Cheryl Skjolaas, UW-Extension
*  Addressing Manure System Hazards and OSHA Compliance

Dr. Luis C. Solorzano, Chr. Hanson Inc.
*  Microbial Additives for Treating Manure Lagoons

Chris Stempa, Appleton Wastewater Treatment Plant
*  Sewage Treatment Plants as An Emergency Option for Manure Management

Steve Struss, WI DATCP
*  DATCP Update:  Odor Study Results and Livestock Siting Revisions

Dr. Ariel Szogi, USDA-ARS South Carolina
*  USDA Developed Technologies for Recovering Manure Phosphorus

Dr. Joe Taraba – University of Kentucky
*  Utilizing Biofilters for Air Emissions and Odor Reduction from Animal Production and Waste Storage Structures

Gary Tauchen, Dairy Farmer, WI State Representative
*  Reflections on a German Bio-Energy Tour

Dr. Jim Wallace, Dillon Envirocare
*  The Integration of Renewable Energy and Water Quality in Manure Management

Dr. Ann Wilkie, University of Florida
*  Algae and Other Co-Products From Digesters:  Opportunities and Challenges
*  Ecological Impacts on Future Farming

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