2013 Proceedings

2013 Midwest Manure Summit Proceedings


Richard Stowell, P.E. PhD, University of Nebraska (Lincoln)

Best Practices for Reducing Odor & Emissions on Midwest Dairies


Dr. Keri Cantrell, USDA-ARS

Dairy Manure Biochar as a Phosphorus Fertilizer


Loren Wolfe, Rosenholm-Wolfe Dairy/Cowsmo Compost

Manure Management at Rosenholm-Wolfe Dairy


Cheryl Skjolaas, UW Center for Agricultural Safety & Health

Assessing Hazards in Manure Storage & Handling Systems


Renee Schrift, McLanahan Corporation

Reducing Sand Inventory – Producing Cleaner, Drier Sand


Dr. Becky Larson, UW-Extension

Comparison of Phosphorus Removal Efficiency for Various Manure Processing Technologies


Dr. Bob Nagel, Holsum Dairies, LLC

Digester Economics: Profit from Poop?


Mark Borchardt, US Forage Research Center

Inactivation of Dairy Manure-Borne Pathogens by Anaerobic Digestion (Not available)


Dr. Al Heber, Purdue University Department of Agriculture & Biological Engineering

What Does the NAEMS Data Results Mean for Dairy Producers?


Dr. Daniel Zitomer, Marquette University

Myths & Misconceptions of Digesters


Richard Stowell, P.E. PhD, University of Nebraska (Lincoln)

New Technologies Available to Manage Emissions Mitigation


Dr. Carrie Laboski, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Effect of Manure Treatment on N and P Availability


Jennifer Keuning, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates

Manure Storage Design Opportunities


John Ramsden, P.E. NRCS

Resource Concerns & Dairy Manure Management


Marcia Endres, Univeristy of Minnesota

What Have We Learned About Using Recycled Manure Solids for Bedding?


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