2009 Proceedings

Speakers and Bios From 2009

Proceedings / Presentations / Webcasts

            Dr. Jactone Arogo Ogejo, Virginia Tech
            Dr. Frederick C. Michel, Jr, The Ohio State University
            Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center
            John Ferguson, P. Eng, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates
                Presentation Webcast   
            Dr. John Shutske, University of Wisconsin – Extension, CALS   
            Brad Holtz, Brown County Land Conservation
Sand Settling Lanes  (1001 KB)
            Dr. Joe Harner, Kansas State University
            Presentation Webcast

Manure as a Cash Crop:  Considerations, Pitfalls, Liabilities  (206 KB)
Kevin Erb, University of Wisconsin Extension – Cooperative Extension

Proven Sand-Laden Manure Handling and Separation Technologies (2219 KB)
Andrew W. Wedel, McLanahan Corporation

            Ryan De Broux, PNAAW
            Dave Anderson, Vincent Urban Walker & Associates
             Dr. Joe Harner, Kansas State University
                  Presentation Webcast
                 Larry Krom, WI Focus on Energy
                 Presentation Webcast
            Dr. Frank M. Mitloehner, University of California – Davis
                Presentation Webcast
Engineering Possibilities and Economics of Converting Biosolids into Building Materials (1137 KB)
            Dr. Jerry Winandy, University of Minnesota 
            Vance Haugen, University of Wisconsin Extension, Crawford County
            Jeffrey Arnold, Integrated Separation Solutions, LLC
Carbon Credits – Tapping into your Digester and Land’s Hidden Potential
            Sue Beitlich, Wisconsin Farmers Union
                 Merlin Raab, Wisconsin Public Service
Manure Incineration for Energy:  The Wiese Project  (2045 KB)
Paul Schneider, Ecocombustion Energy Systems
            Presentation Webcast  
Making the Most of Manure:  Emerging Waste-to-Energy Treatments  (1027 KB)
            Keri B. Cantrell, USDA (Agricultural Research Service – South Carolina)
                Presentation Webcast
            Matt Kures, CCED – University of Wisconsin – Extension 
21 Manure Digesters in Europe – Applications to the United States  (1725 KB)
            Manfred Faatz, EBA – GmbH, Triesdorf, Germany
                Presentation Webcast