Please contact the Rock County UW-Extension office for information about upcoming programs:

Level 1 Training

  • Program consists of 20+ lecture-type sessions (3 hours each) through at-home videos. In-classroom will consist of guest speakers and hands on activities.
  • Participants are required to attend a minimum of 36 hours of training and complete the final exam with a score of 70% or better.  The exam will consist of an individual presentation and a written portion.  Additionally, a minimum of 24 hours of garden related community service must be completed by September 30.
  • Acceptance into the training is limited and contingent on passing a background check.
  • The goal of general training is to introduce the concept of MGV service, teach the fundamentals of  horticulture (including botany, soil science, entomology, plant pathology, and more), and to have participants successfully utilize resources available when determining answers to garden related questions.
  • General training emphasizes landscaping and ornamental plants.
  • There is a fee for this program.