“The Science (and Art) of Plant Disease Diagnosis”

Whether you grow flowers, vegetables, lawn grass, trees, shrubs or houseplants, chances are at some point you will have a plant with a problem.  How do you determine what the problem is?   If you suspect your plant has a disease, how do you know for sure?  And what do you do about it and prevent it from recurring in the future?

Dr. Brian Hudelson, UW-Extension specialist and Director of the University of Wisconsin Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic, will present “The Science (and Art) of Plant Disease Diagnosis” at 212 River Dr. Room # 5 on Friday May 12th from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m.  Dr. Hudelson will describe the different things that cause plant diseases and the symptoms to watch for.  He will also explain how diseases occur and what you can do to prevent them, as well as how to save a plant that has a disease.

Cost is $10 to attend.

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