Lily Leaf Beetle

LILY LEAF BEETLE – Overwintered beetles were observed on lily foliage at a residence in Marathon County on April 19, confirming the winter survival of this newly-introduced exotic invader. Detected for the first time in Wisconsin June of 2014, the lily leaf beetle has been reported from at least 17 separate sites, all in the Kronenwetter, Mosinee, Rothschild, Edgar, Weston, Marathon, and Wausau areas of Marathon County.

Currently the lily leaf beetle population appears to be limited to Marathon County, thus control or eradication may still be possible with diligence of local communities. Gardeners, nursery growers and residents are encouraged to closely inspect lily plants for the bright red beetles and their larvae and report any finds to the DATCP Nursery Program at

Recommended controls include manually picking the adults and larvae from plants or applying an insecticide labeled for use on ornamental plants and available at garden centers and hardware stores. More than one application may be required to effectively control lily leaf beetle.

Fact Sheet on the Lily Leaf Beetle

Picture of Lily Leaf Beetle

Picture of Lily Leaf Beetle

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