Congratulations to New 4-H Adult Board Members & New Youth Directors

At the November 14, 2017 Annual Meeting of the Lincoln County 4-H Leaders’ Association, Fern Langhoff, Caroline Lemke, Jennifer Porath, Jeanne Schmidt, and Dawn Smith were re-elected to a two year adult term. They join Pat Chieves, Yvette Chieves, Becky Kludy, Beth Krueger, Lori Lemke and Treva Schmidt as members of the 4-H Board of Directors. Congratulations to Lilly Cordova, Dillon Gnewuch and Bailey Iwen for being re-elected for a one year term as Youth Directors on the board.

We would also like to thank Becky Kludy for attending the meeting and sharing events her husband Will and she participated in at this year’s 4-H Fall Forum in Green Lake, WI.  Thank you to Evan and Emma Jaeger and Joseph and Thomas Jaroski for sharing their US Space Camp experience.  Thank you to Lily Cordova for sharing her experience on the Citizenship Washington Focus Trip.

The 4-H Board of Directors manages the business and affairs of the Lincoln County 4-H Leaders’ Association, Inc.   Board members make a commitment to the county leaders and 4-H families to serve as a liaison, and act on their behalf in decision making policies. They usually meet once a month and assist in planning and making decisions for carrying out the 4-H program.  The number of Directors shall consist of no less than seven (7) and no more than eleven (11) directors.  The Board of Directors shall include youth directors who are in 8th grade or older in the number not less than two and a maximum equal to the number of adult directors serving at that time.    Adult directors serve for two year terms and youth directors serve for one year terms.

Please contact Debbie at 715-539-1077 or via email at if you have any questions or would like more information.


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