Class XVII Community Projects

From October 2016 – May 2017, LWC Class XVII participants brainstormed, planned, prioritized, and developed strategies to tackle issues they felt were important to Waupaca County and its residents. Following are summaries, in their own words, of their projects and why they chose to work on them as well as links to the videos for […]


Join Us for LWC Class XVII Graduation Celebration!

On behalf of all those involved in the development, encouragement and support of Leadership Waupaca County, THANK YOU!  The class, and consequently, the development of future local leaders would not be possible without your support. Please join us in celebration of Leadership Waupaca County Class XVII. The graduation program begins at 5:00 p.m. at the […]

depicts a spider web, representing an interconnected system

Thoughts on Systems

Systems. Of course, all workplace executives or administrators understand and apply the Systems Analysis approach easily and appropriately, right? Unfortunately, this is incorrect issue #1. But let’s gloss over that. Let’s assume they do. I’ve found problem #2 is that when they DO apply Systems Theory well, they often don’t explain the logic behind it well to […]


You Have To Choose

After spending two days in Madison with the Leadership Waupaca County program, these words have resonated with me, “you have to choose,” spoken by Lt Governor Rebecca Kleefish.  The Lt Governor related this statement to balancing our careers and personal life.  Often as leaders we find ourselves feeling the need to do so much to […]

instructor for session 2 sharing communication skills

Active Listening – The Key to Successful Communication

In this first guest blog post, Leadership Waupaca County participant Kurt Schwan shares insights from the October 13 LWC session: Effective Communication. Special thanks to FVTC (Fox Valley Technical College) for sponsoring the classroom space. Are you an active listener?  To be an active listener can prove to be difficult for most to master.  Through personal […]


Time is running out!

The application period is coming to a close on July 31 – but given that the 31 falls on a Sunday, we will accept applications until the end of the day August 1.

robin with a worm (early bird)

LWC Announces Early Bird Special

Early bird applicants get $25 off tuition. Submit a complete application by July 15, 2016 and tuition is only $375!* Scholarships are available – contact us for more information. *represents a $25 discount.


LWC Now Accepting Applications for Class XVII (2016-2017)

Leadership Waupaca County, celebrating over 16 years of leadership development, has graduated over 300 leaders, and is now accepting applications for Class XVII. The program is designed to help people become more informed, civic-minded leaders who are committed to the future of Waupaca County and its communities. This program is well suited for both new […]