Awards and Testimonials

Hear what other’s are saying about CLA:

“CLA has changed my life!”

“Each month I left with more energy and excitement about our beloved Southwest Wisconsin.”

“CLA gave me the resources, inspiration, and most of all, the contacts to get started in giving back.”

“Connecting with others, growing as a professional and leader, and inspiring others to make a difference in the community are major take-a-ways from the Community Leadership Alliance program.”

“The experience was truly an uplifting, motivating professional development opportunity that I would recommend to anyone wanting to lead and help within their communities! “

“Meeting people, improving self-esteem and leadership skills, and utilizing contacts to help others in our communities is what CLA is all about.  The number of professionals from our small towns that come together to make this opportunity available is amazing!”  

Recently we asked our CLA graduates “What will you do differently because of CLA?”

“I will build off my strengths, be a better listener, find my passions and get involved.”

“I will value the power of community.”

“I am getting more involved in my community.”

“I didn’t consider myself as a community leader and now I want to be known as one.”

“The poverty simulation really effected me.  I will use this experience to show those that are struggling kindness and honor.  I will look for ways to help them.”

“I will make a meaningful attempt to take the time to continue to grow as a leader personally and professionally.  A person needs to to set aside time to grow and find a voice to give back.”

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