Poultry Project

Welcome to the Kewaunee County Poultry Project

2017 Poultry Project Bylaws

2017 2018 Tentative Poultry Calendar


Poultry Project Meeting Minutes

Poultry Project Meeting Minutes March 10, 2018

Poultry Project Meeting Minutes October 7th 2017



President: Daria A.

Vice President: Adilynn S.

Secretary: Sami T.

Treasurer: Desiree A.

Historian: Lorelai S.

Please contact Deb Ahrens at 845-2529 if you are interested in joining the Poultry Project.



Deb Ahrens 845-2529 or farmngardenmom@gmail.com

Mike Nelson 536-0537

Shelly Treml 4shelly@centurytel.net

Melissa Morris morrisma09@gmail.com


University of Wisconsin-Extension