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One In 10 Employers Will Drop Health Coverage

I thought you might be interested in the page, Study: One In 10 Employers Will Drop Health Coverage In The Next Few Years, on the Kaiser Health News website. Summary: The report by the consulting company Deloitte, which is to be released Tuesday, predicts the decline in work-based plans as much of the health law […]

The Boss Wants You on Dad’s Insurance

I thought you might be interested in the page, Forget The Company Plan The Boss Wants You On Dad’s Insurance, on the Kaiser Health News website. Summary: Employers can encourage young adults to forgo the office’s plan and take advantage of health law provision allowing them to join their parents’ policy.

Federal Government Renews State’s Family Care Program

The federal government has renewed a joint program with Wisconsin providing long-term care for the elderly and disabled, but also found that Wisconsin violated the terms of the Family Care program last year.  The decision by President Barack Obama’s administration means that the Family Care program can continue to provide services to needy residents in […]

Learn the Latest about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Resources for ACA Changes Update since Supreme Court Decision Archive of presentation, Monday, July 30 Follow the PPT presentation: Update on ACA after SCOTUS While listening to the Archive of the Health Reform presentation from July 30, 2012. Review ACA Issues. Share additional information with others:  10 Things To Know About Upcoming Badger Care+ Changes […]

Changes to Wisconsin’s BadgerCare+ program beginning this month

Wisconsin residents covered under the state’s BadgerCare+ program have experienced some changes, the first of which took place July 1. Some changes within the BadgerCare+ program, particularly those involving premium increases, began as July 1st, 2012. Some changes may not occur until a family renews their BadgerCare+ coverage. Children are not directly affected by these […]

Congressional GOP Planning Rollback Of Individual Health Law Provisions

Kaiser Health news reports that Republican members and staff are examining how to target individual provisions through budget reconciliation.  Read the summary of each article at Kaiser Health News or get the story from a variety of different sources in the full articles: Politico Pro: Gaming Out Repeal By Reconciliation Louisville Courier-Journal: Mitch McConnell Vows […]

US Supreme Court’s Health Care Reform Decision, and What Does It Mean?

Covering Kids and Families has detailed answers to YOUR questions: What decisions did the US Supreme Court make? What is the health insurance exchange marketplace? Where is Wisconsin in the process of setting up its exchange? When does the Exchange marketplace open? What is the individual mandate tax? How much will the tax be? These […]

News from the Supreme Court and White House

What the Supreme Court’s ruling means for your health care June 28, 2012, the Supreme Court issued a historic ruling: They upheld the Affordable Care Act and ensured that millions of American families will have access to health care and protection from the worst abuses of the insurance industry. Lots of people have questions about […]