Sale Requirements

Austin Jackson-SaleThe Fond du Lac County Fair Market Livestock Sale provides an incentive and encourages involvement in the 4-H and FFA Beef, Sheep, Swine and Market Goat Projects. The sale also provides recognition for project members who do quality work in selecting, feeding and showing their livestock projects. Rules governing the Fond du Lac county Fair Market Livestock Sale can be found within the fair’s premium book at

Initial Identification

All potential sale animals for the Fond du Lac County Market Livestock Sale must be pre-identified and weighed in at designated dates and locations.  For all sale rules including initial identification and weigh-ins, please visit

Educational Requirements

The Fond du Lac Market Livestock Committee feels education is a very important component with a 4-H or FFA Livestock Project.

  • To qualify for the Market Livestock Sale, participants are required to complete eight (8) educational credits.  There will be no educational requirement for youth who graduated from high school the previous year besides MAQA.
  • Each exhibitor, including those showing their last year, must be Meat Animal Quality Assurance (MAQA) Certified.
  • The calendar year for completing eight (8) credits begins the Monday following the previous fair and ends on Friday preceding the current year’s fair.  To keep track of meeting credit, please visit “Attendance Record”.
  • All approved events will be posted on the Fond du Lac County Meat Animal Project Website at
  • Events not listed on the Meat Animal Project Website must be first pre-approved by the Market Livestock Sale Committee.  It is up to the exhibitor to provide documentation (agenda, brochure, etc.) regarding the event for approval.  A livestock project activity form must be signed by the event coordinator and submitted to UW-Extension for credit.  Criteria used for points determination are:
    • 2 points-meetings 1 to 2 hours in length, exhibit at any show
    • 3 points-meetings ½ day in length (3 plus hours)
    • 4 points-judging teams and quiz bowl teams (accounting for practices & contest), meetings 1 day in length                    (6-8 hours)
    • 6 points-meetings 2 or more days in length
    • 1 point-any educational meeting in conjunction with a show, sale or livestock event (i.e. World Beef Expo, World Pork Expo, etc.)
    • 4 points-high school or college meat animal related class
    • 2 points-livestock related presentation (i.e. Day on Farm, Civic Groups, etc.)

Attendance Record

The attendance record will allow individuals to keep track of their attendance record throughout the year. The record is generally updated 10 – 14 days after events, or as time permits.

Meat Animal Quality Assurance

The youth market livestock project is more than just managing and showing a market project. The youth market livestock project is also about producing a healthy, wholesome, quality product free from defects such as injection-site lesions and bruises.

Meat Quality Assurance Certification is a program that teaches basic animal husbandry and proper animal production management techniques.

Project Record

All market livestock sale participants must complete an official Market Livestock Production Record Form.  Forms are located at and must be completed and mailed back to the UW-Extension office by Friday following Labor Day.  This copy to the UW-Extension office is in addition to any required forms for 4-H club or FFA chapter requirements.  Failure to successfully complete and turn-in the form on time may result in loss of sale privileges for the following year.

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