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Another Day, Another Manure Spill

The Pointer

Kevin Erb, Conservation Professional Training Program Director for the University of Wisconsin-Extension, coordinates professional training in the areas of water quality and manure management, among others.


Free app helps farmers price standing corn silage

Wisconsin State Farmer

To help determine a fair price when buying or selling corn silage, UW-Extension agriculture agents Greg Blonde and Ryan Sterry developed a free Android app last year that can quickly estimate the value of standing corn silage.


Sustainable recreational fisheries the focus of $1.5 million NSF grant


Eric Olson, Director of the University of Wisconsin Extension Lakes program says, “Lake associations, funded by private member dues, fundraisers, and grants from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, often take on the responsibility of management. This project will assess lake associations in the study region to identify ‘recipes for management success’ that could be applied in other contexts.”


A Tool For Weathering And Draining Extreme Rainstorms In The Future


Major floods may be mere abstractions to people until they actually happen. Given such difficulties in perception, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison looked for a way to bridge the gap between already familiar storms and an uncertain future. A team led by UW-Extension stormwater specialist David S. Liebl and UW-Madison professor of civil and environmental engineering professor Kenneth Potter, now both retired, decided to approach this problem through computer modeling.


County to plant crops from airplanes

The Waunakee Tribune

Farms in DeForest, Waunakee, Sun Prairie and Fitchburg will be planting their cover crops a little differently this September as part of Dane County’s lakes cleanup efforts. Dane County farmers, in partnership with Dane County Land and Water Resources Department, UW-Extension, Yahara WINS, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service are piloting a program in the Yahara River Watershed that utilizes aerial application of cover crop seed on early harvested crops.


Planting crops by plane; new method for area farmers

Channel 3000

Farms in DeForest, Waunakee, Sun Prairie and Fitchburg are participating in a project to help clean up Dane County lakes. Around nine farms are partnering with Dane County land and water resources department, UW-Extension, Yahara wins, and the natural resources conservation service.


What you can’t see can kill you

Wisconsin State Farmer

Recent tragedies involving manure lagoons and under-barn manure storage have prompted her and colleagues at UW-Extension to work on a new publication “Reducing Risks from Manure Storage Agitation Gases” which is available at all county extension offices or by calling 1-877-947-7827 or accessing www.learningstore.uwex.edu.


Jumping Worms Found in Portage County


Denise Rocha is part of the support staff with the Portage County UW-Extension. She explains what kind of damage these worms can have on the soil.

She said, “They eat the top of the soil components where the nutrients and leaf dropping and things like that are. Then what they leave behind is a very grainy soil, kind of like coffee grounds, that is very difficult for plants to germinate and grow in.”