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What is That Black Blob on Your Trees?

Door County Pulse

Column by Annie Deutsch, Agriculture Agent, Door County UW-Extension

As the leaves fall off trees, not only do you suddenly remember how close your neighbor’s house is, but it allows for a different view of trees. Looking at trees without leaves lets you clearly see the branch structure, if there is any damage to the branches or trunk, or if diseases are present but were previously obscured.


Sustainable landscaping part of Brookside update

Kenosha News

The recycling of stones and boulders is in line with the efforts of Sustainable Kenosha County, an initiative led by County Executive Jim Kreuser in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Extension Service and the Department of Public Works and Development Services.


How can we help younger farmers face challenges

Kenosha News

Column by Leigh Presely, UW-Extension.

The narrative of the aging farmer is one familiar to many in the agriculture industry.

The average age of a principal farm operator in America is 58.3 years, a bit higher than the average age of a typical small business owner in the U.S.



Christmas tree selection and care tips

Merrill Foto News

Column by Dan Marzu, UW-Extension Agricultural Educator.

Driving around in towns and in the country side, I have noticed all the holiday decorations are going up along streets and on home. I have even seen a few trees heading to their new homes to be decorated and await their visit from the Jolly Old Elf. For many the trip to the tree lot or farm is an annual family tradition that kicks off the holiday season. As you venture out the following are a couple tips on how to choose that perfect tree.



County master gardeners are busy year-round

The Clayton County Register

Although master gardeners are required to complete only 10 hours of education per year in order to remain certified, most exceed that, and winter is an excellent time to learn something new. To make it easier for master gardeners to keep up with their education, the University of Wisconsin Extension Service now offers several online classes in addition to the many publications available online.



Holiday meals bring in potential for food safety concerns


Column by Kaila Stencil, Kewaunee County UW-Extension Foodwise Nutrition Educator.

As we welcome the holiday season we also welcome an abundance of great food at gatherings with family and friends.  Food safety is probably not the first thing you think about when planning your holiday meal. However, if we forget to keep food safety in mind, our holiday gathering may be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Food safety is a concern during all times of the year but can be a particular concern during the holiday season when foods are being left out for extended periods of time while guests graze over spread of delicious snacks. Take the proper steps to protect your guests from food borne illness.