“I wish you were here.”

calling-mobile-phone-person-3063Your heart might cry, “I wish you were here,” when your child visits their other parent (or you might do a happy-dance at the idea of some child-free time). Your child, however, probably bounces back and forth between wishing for one parent while with the other because both parents mean the world to a child. By helping your child and their other parent stay in touch, you can show your respect for the relationship they have with each other.

Be an eParent®! Help your child stay in touch with his or her other parent even when distances are too far for a face-to-face meeting. Set up a video call for your child and his or her long distance or absent parent. (You can do this even when the other parent lives close by!)

Planning a regular video chat for your child and your co-parent can help keep their relationship strong. You are also showing your child and your co-parent that you value their relationship. Hopefully your co-parent also shows this respect for your relationship with your child. Think about writing video calls into your parenting plan so that even if you and your co-parent are struggling with communication, your child does not suffer.

Use these resources to create a parenting plan.

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