Call for Presentations / Posters

We are currently accepting proposals for posters and presentations for the 2018 EMG Coordinator Conference. We ask for proposals to center on the themes of diversity and expanding access (getting new faces into the program); program delivery (new ways of providing instruction); and program development (new research/models driving how you do your MG related work).  We also have an “other” option if you feel the need to be different.


Posters will be on display the entirety of the conference.  A single 8 foot x 4 foot display board is available to mount  your poster(tacs provided).  Tables and electricity will not be available.  A maximum of 40 posters will be accepted.

Poster sessions are scheduled each day of the conference to coincide with breaks.


Presentations will be in a “speed-round” format, with 3 similarly themed topics presented consecutively over a 60+ minute period.  Presentations must not extend over 20 minutes in duration and must be uploaded to the computer the day prior. There will be limited time for questions during the scheduled time.  A maximum of 15 presentations will be accepted.

If technology allows, we will attempt to record and/or live-stream the presentations via YouTube.

Conference At-a-Glance

Monday Evening
image of volunteers delivering a garden program
Tuesday Morning
Tuesday Afternoon
Wednesday Morning
Wednesday Afternoon
image of women studying insects
Thursday Morning
Thursday Afternoon

Conference Facilities