Tech Tuesdays

At least once a month CE Technology Services presents a 15-45 minute webinar covering various tips and tricks for the latest software, trends in educational technology, and services we offer. All sessions are recorded and are available below.

Upcoming Tech Tuesday

Google Goodness: Form Data Basics

Tony is taking over Tech Tuesday with Tips and Tricks for Transforming your form results into True Tech Triumphs! Don’t miss out on this rare chance to learn from the Google Master himself.

April 17th, 2018 10:00-10:30am
Presenter: Tony Roman

Congratulations! You’ve collected a bunch of information via Google Forms. Now what?

We’ll cover some best practices for working with your Google Form results, as well as help you develop a basic understanding of how to get better results from your form data. Why not copy and paste the link into your calendar right now? Then you only have to worry about your coffee come Tuesday morning.

Connection Information

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Other Upcoming sessions include:

Google Goodness: Document Permission Sharing 

April 24th, 2018 10:00-10:30am


Looking for hands-on training on Tech Tuesday topics?  

 Here is a quick tip to use the archive videos as a hands-on, just-in-time, training tool:

 1. Open two browser windows side-by-side (one for the tool you plan to learn (if using an online tool like SharePoint or WordPress) and the other with the Tech Tuesday list of archives.)  OR open the desktop application and a browser window with the Tech Tuesday archive list.

 2. Click on the link for the Tech Tuesday archive you want to view (make sure your speakers are on or use a headset)

 3. Pause the archive to try a task demonstrated and try that task in your the appropriate window.  You can then hit the play button when ready to continue.  You can also move the scroll bar to either review or skip ahead.

 Video demonstration (approx 4 minutes)




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