Tech Tuesdays

At least once a month CE Technology Services presents a 15-45 minute webinar covering various tips and tricks for the latest software, trends in educational technology, and services offered by us. All sessions are recorded and are available below.

Upcoming Tech Tuesday

Colleague Spotlight: Engaging Youth in Water Quality Monitoring Inquiries using Technology

September 26 2017, 10-10:30 a.m.

Presenters: Justin Hougham Megan Wecker

Learn about an Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center statewide project engaging youth in local water quality monitoring utilizing digital tools. This session will discuss the tools, resources, lesson plans, and research-supported methodologies of a statewide water quality monitoring project. Walk away knowing best practices of digital tool implementation with youth in environmental education and water quality monitoring. Presenter will discuss preliminary results of the youth knowledge and engagement evaluations and interactive data collection and visualization that support data literacy in participating students and educators

Looking for hands-on training on Tech Tuesday topics?  

 Here is a quick tip to use the archive videos as a hands-on, just-in-time, training tool:

 1. Open two browser windows side-by-side (one for the tool you plan to learn (if using an online tool like SharePoint or WordPress) and the other with the Tech Tuesday list of archives.)  OR open the desktop application and a browser window with the Tech Tuesday archive list.

 2. Click on the link for the Tech Tuesday archive you want to view (make sure your speakers are on or use a headset)

 3. Pause the archive to try a task demonstrated and try that task in your the appropriate window.  You can then hit the play button when ready to continue.  You can also move the scroll bar to either review or skip ahead.

 Video demonstration (approx 4 minutes)




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