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Tech Tuesday WisMOP in Action: Flipping the Master Gardener Program

The UW-Extension Master Gardener Program has recently completed a redesign of introductory curriculum to improve flexibility with program delivery and increase local interaction by adopting a flipped classroom model. In this session see how the Master Gardener Program uses the Wisconsin Model for Online Programs (WisMOP) for online educational program delivery, learn about the reasons […]


Teach Online Using the WisMOP Template

The Wisconsin Model for Online Programming (WisMOP) is a highly customizable collection of CE Technology Services supported tools to give you a jump-start in getting your programming or courses online and reach a wider audience. WisMOP allows users to pick and choose tools like WordPress, Google Drive, YouTube,  Google Communities and more to create engaging, mobile-friendly instruction […]


Learn about social media, online teaching and much more

There are many free professional development opportunities for colleagues who are looking to learn about educational technologies, online teaching/pedagogy, social media in education and more.  For example, eXtension regularly offers short webinars about technology tools (some of which we use here in Wisconsin, some not.)  Recently, eXtension hosted a virtual conference online and have made […]