SharePoint Back to Basics(in the Morning!) -with Eric and Megan

This 30 minute webinar presents a back to basics overview of SharePoint in the style of a morning talk show. Exclusive! After the show coffee break where you can see what we didn’t get quite right the first time.   


So, grab a cup of joe and join Megan and Eric In The Morning!

This  fun, breezy, fast-paced show will cover some of the basics of CES SharePoint and other ‘News You Can Use!’

Segments will include:
How to log into SharePoint in under 3 attempts
Let your fingers do the walking: Using Search 
Weather on the 5’s
Who wore it better: JCEP edition
Where can I find ??? an Introduction to the Manager Center and the Employee Handbook

Drum roll, please………

Congratulations to Zen Miller for winning “Who Wore it Better!” Zen received his TBD certificate in the mail.